Fashion on Millennium Bridge, London

Millennium Bridge is the perfect City Runway!

Shooting "Travel with Fashion" on Millennium Bridge , I felt like a runway model ♥ because the bridge is like the stunning public runway!Life in London was full of motivation for blog business and inspiration for arts!
Millennium Bridge Starts in from of the historical "St. Paul's Cathedral" and connects to the Southwark in front of Tate Modern Museum and Shakespeare Globe. It is the perfect place to shoot the remarkable city with fashion! On the bridge, the unreal feeling came out...The view mixes with historical heritage and extremely modern skyscrapers. Oh God, it is absolutely magnificent! No kidding, it really is the capital of the thousands-year long Kingdom!!! Read More »




我喜歡在陽光和煦的秋天,在街上漫無目的遊走。I love to wander under the lovely sunshine in fall.

I love to wander (no specific destination, and necessarily think about anything) under the lovely sunshine in fall. I believe that there must be many people like me who like to walk and enjoy the beautiful street view. Besides the beautiful view, what I like more is to really feel the sensitive feeling and the dance of the strings within. Because once this sweet feeling appears, there will be lots of imaginative ideas coming out in my head and I will receive lots of signals from the outer space, probably! Yes, a lot of my compositions, no matter songs, pieces, articles, or the decisions of life are done while walking. Why don't you try to walk, enjoy the scenery and also listen to your inner voice? I believe that, you would more and less receive some messages and come out with some interesting idea!
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My Splendid Alma Mater: McGill University 十年回顧!



YAY! 好興奮在畢業十年之際,有機會回來母校 McGill University 重溫青春的氣息,回憶青澀的自己!

18歲時,以雙簧管(Oboe)主修、鋼琴副修考上北藝大,鋼琴主修、雙簧管副修第一名推薦甄試上輔仁大學音樂系,在跌破眾人眼鏡選擇就讀輔大後,在輔大的那一年,如魚得水,生活與學習都輕鬆順手,工作邀約也不斷,雖只有大ㄧ卻已半踏入社會。在各方面得心應手之際,突然做了這個留學的決定。為了這個夢想的決定,我所付出的代價就是,一切得從頭開始! Read More »

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