VIDEO: “Life Is A Journey” At RockWood Music Hall In New York City

A magical evening entertaining an audience in the city that never sleeps...

For my third stop of my 2017 World Tour, I performed "Life Is A Journey," one of my original songs selected in my EP "The Journey On Earth, Vol.1: Unknown," in the magnificent  Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Just around the corner from my home, it was an honor to play before the New York audience I've grown to love. 

Accompanied with a few great musicians, this performance was especially moving for me, since packing my bags and moving to NYC was a courageous, life-changing decision I made in my life.

"Life Is A Journey" is original composition that describes how valuable I believe living on Earth can truly be. So long as we live with love, care, sympathy, and honesty, life can be fantastic!



Music/Lyrics/Piano/Arranging/Vocal: Amanda Wu (AMANDA YIYEN) 吳苡嫣

Location: Rockwood NYC 紐約

Vocals/Piano/Music/Lyrics: Amanda Wu 吳苡嫣

Bass: Evan Gregor

Drums: Jharis Yokley

Honored To Be Featured On The Front Cover Of Sino Monthly, July 2017

Strive for greatness and share your story along the way... You never know who you might inspire!

This year is nearly half done and it has already brought me so many great opportunities, including this one! I am so honored to not only have been interview by Sino Monthly, but to be featured on their front cover of their July 2017 issue!

To the Editor who put so much energy and work into this amazing article, for really searching for all the details about me and integrating them so well, I appreciate you so much! I am touched by your efforts and sincere work!

Here you go! Enjoy the complete featured article!


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