[Story Fashion 故事時尚] A Curious Princess’s Journey of Unknown 好奇公主的未知旅程


Discovering More Self By Discovering the World

The Journey of Unknown

一個充滿好奇心與探險精神的非典型公主:安娜塔西亞,天生擁有活躍地藝術細胞,創造力豐盛,腦筋裡總出現著許多天馬行空的創意想法。從小生長在充滿愛的城堡,受到無微不至的呵護。外人看似天之驕女、無憂無慮的她,其實並不滿足於現狀。她始終覺得,安逸的生活裡,無法激發她全面的潛能。也因為強烈好奇心,對城堡外的世界充滿好奇!她想看更多的世界,也想挖掘更多的自己。於是決定踏出城堡這個安全區,進入一趟探索 未知 之旅...

Anastasia is an unconventional and curious princess. She is full of creative energy and has lots of talent in arts. Growing up in the castle with lots of love and care around her, she somehow feels...something is definitely missing! By nature, she feels that living in the comfort zone is not her ideal situation because it can't stimulate her full potential. She wants to discover herself by discovering the world. Therefore, she decides to leave the comfort zone and puts herself into the journey of unknown! Read More »

杜林,工業大城的貴氣遺跡。The Glorious Heritage in the Industrial City, Turin

Name : << Riverside Fantasy >>

因為不熟悉,反而更驚喜 Surprises Come from Unfamiliarity

杜林,低調地綻放著美麗 Turin, Humbly Beautiful

位於皮埃蒙特 (Piemonte)區的 杜林 ,是義大利西北邊的大城,與“米蘭”、“熱內亞”合稱為工業三角,並有義大利最長的 波河 流經。
Turin is a big city in the northwest Italy, and located in region Piemonte. Milan, Turin, Genoa are so-called the industrial triangle.
The longest river in Italy, Po River is across the city.
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香港,無可抵擋。Hong Kong, Irresistible

作品名稱:「沐浴,在高跟鞋」 "When the High Heel Becomes Bathtub"

The world's epitome with irresistible charm

迷戀,仍舊 Obsession, Still

對於香港,一直有種情懷...從小生長在港星大舉攻台、香港演藝圈的Golden Era, 大概自小學三年級開始,就很喜歡聽廣東歌,也開始迷偶像。回想起來,我的偶像大概有95%都是港星!總覺得香港男星很Man很有型,譬如:鄭伊健、黎明。 女星有種大女人都會俐落的風姿綽約,譬如:鄭秀文、李嘉欣。不同於台灣社會較為保守的封閉,以及偏向日系的審美觀,香港既留住中國的根又充滿著西化的開放氛圍,即便我當時只是個小學生,卻已非常嚮往這種無可抵擋的魅力!

Somewhere deep down in my heart, I always have some special feelings to Hong Kong...
When I was a child, it was the Golden Era for the entertainment industry of Hong Kong. Around the 3rd grade, I started to listen to Cantonese pop songs and feel some obsessions to some idols. Actually, there are 95% of my idols are Hong Kong stars! Just feel that HK guys are so "Man" and stylish, such as Ekin Cheng and Leo Lai. HK women are powerfully gorgeous, such as Sammi Cheng and Michele Lee.The society of Taiwan is somehow more conservative and close. The esthetics are more towards to Japanese. Hong Kong is a place that holds the root of authentic Chinese culture and westernized at the same time. Even if I was just a student in elementary school, I already felt that irresistible charm! Read More »

Macau, Chinese-Based, Portugal-Imprinted 澳門,中國為基底,葡萄牙為痕跡




打從開始經營部落格之後,我便愛上了攝影。要拍什麼?要怎麼拍?刺激著大腦另一區塊的創造力。走訪這麼多個國家城市後,決定將獨自旅遊時所拍的城市風光,用攝影展(畫展)的方式呈現,每張照片都是一個主題。 Read More »

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