Join Me In Rome, Italy As I Perform My Latest EP: Journey On Earth, Vol 2: “Stories Of Time” LIVE!


Can't describe how amazing I feel to bring my music and connect to people in Rome, Italy

Ciao Tutti,

I am very excited to be making a stop in Rome, Italy during my World Tour, because Italy feels like home to me. My love for Italy is so strong and I have dreamt about having my own concert here for a long time. Now, my dream is coming true! Also, I am very happy to perform with 2 great Italian musicians. It is going to be a spectacular night! If you are in the area, please come see me perform on Saturday, July 22nd, at Salotto Palatino!

Ciao, A presto 🙂

Lecco, Bravo! 萊科湖畔的讚嘆






2016 summer. After my trip to Montreal Canada for the 10 years anniversary after graduating, I flew across Atlantic Ocean and went back to Italy. Stayed shortly in Pisa, I took a 4 hours train back to Milan. While revisiting the places that I used to go, I also planned some light trips. Read More »

人間絕境,威尼斯。Wonderland In Venice

<<The Grand Canal, The Great Scenery >>

Life As Improvisation! 即興所帶來的驚喜,超乎你的想像

當 “獨一無二” 得如此明顯時,文字顯得多餘。"One of the Kind". No words are needed.



Actually, all the trips to other Italian Cities were all improvisations while living in Milan. Perhaps, I am just so used to get surprises from Jazz improvisation that I spontaneously apply the concept of jazz improvisation in the real life. Indeed, the surprises in life is beyond my imagination! Improvisation is definitely a journey of Unknown.
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杜林,工業大城的貴氣遺跡。The Glorious Heritage in the Industrial City, Turin

Name : << Riverside Fantasy >>

因為不熟悉,反而更驚喜 Surprises Come from Unfamiliarity

杜林,低調地綻放著美麗 Turin, Humbly Beautiful

位於皮埃蒙特 (Piemonte)區的 杜林 ,是義大利西北邊的大城,與“米蘭”、“熱內亞”合稱為工業三角,並有義大利最長的 波河 流經。
Turin is a big city in the northwest Italy, and located in region Piemonte. Milan, Turin, Genoa are so-called the industrial triangle.
The longest river in Italy, Po River is across the city.
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