Be Fearless

Have you thought about What your fear really is? 

Let's think about it...Does your fear really exist? or it is just your imagination?

Think deeply...you might realize what you are scared of actually doesn't exist at all! We are just fooled by the myths " Unknown" !


Make Discomfort Zone Comfortable

From Discomfort to Comfort

These days, we often hear that we should leave our Comfort Zone . Yes, because that is the only way we can really grow strong and train our inner muscles. Then, what is next? According to my own experiences, (You know I am a kind of person who ALWAYS, or you can say "Obsessive Unconsciously" leave my comfort zone.) every time when I leave the comfort zone and conquer the uncomfortable feeling, I EXPAND my comfort zone = I get a bigger and bigger comfort zone. Your true power happens when you make your discomfort zone comfortable = the discomfortable feeling no longer exists!! Here you go, you feel much more comfortable in a lot more situations. You grow strong and you become fearless because less and less things can make you feel discomfortable. Isn't that AMAZING !?


Much Love & Courage & Curiosity & Creativity ♥



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