[Classical Music] Who does not love BACH ?


The Life-Changing Piece

當年是音樂班的黃金高峰期,每次比賽都競爭非常激烈、高手雲集!這個第一名,除了給我非常大的信心,更堅定了未來在音樂路上的每一步。後來考高中“國立台南藝術大學音樂系” 時,我彈這一首代表巴洛克時期,而我也順利以鋼琴組第一名高分錄取。雖然轉爵士後,幾年沒彈古典,但其實每個音、每個樂句、還有最重要的音樂性,早已深植在血液裡。音樂的路並不好走,但我由衷的感激,這一輩子,音樂是我的天職!

This is a significant piece in my music life! When I was 11 years old (5th grade), because of playing this piece, I won the first piano champion in my life! It was an golden era for "Special Music Education " in Taiwan. Every competition was extremely competitive!!! No kidding! Therefore, it was such an honor to be the winner. Later on, when I applied for “National Tainan Arts College” for senior high school, I played this piece to represent Baroque music. Fortunately, the result is that I got accepted to the school with the highest grade!!! Even though after switching to Jazz, I did not play it for a few years, however, every note, phrase, and feel about this piece has been already ingrained deeply in my blood. It is difficult to live a musical life, but I genuinely appreciate that in this life, Music Is My CALLING!

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[Jazz Music] Peri’s Scope


When I first listened to Peri's Scope, I loved it right away!
It was my assignment for transcription back to 2005 in McGill University and my dream was to improvise it as well as I can!
Bill's Evans version is absolutely brilliant and has given me such a big impact for the skills of improvisation. His incredible ability of integrating all the melodic ideas and lines in an "easy digest" way is what makes me so obsessed!!
Improvisation is not necessarily to be complicated or showing off the technics all the time. It can just be simple as the melody development in some natural sequences as if telling a lovely story 🙂
Well, now, I am trying my best to keep the lovely theme going on 😉

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[Creative Music] Piano Arrangement: The adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy

一起聽聽收錄在王若琳創作專輯 “博尼的大冒險” 裡歌曲 “The adventures of Bernie the schoolboy"
In order to write music as Baroque Period, I have reviewed some technics of Bach Invention and Sinfonia.

For me, Bach's music is easy to digest. It is pure and clean because there is no tangled desire.

Despite the way all the melodies go is complicated, they actually response to each other seamlessly.

No matter musical sparks come from vertical or horizontal directions, or no matter it is a short appeared phrase or overlapping long phrases, the feeling is always delightful! This is the charm of Baroque Music. Really happy and grateful having the chance to arrange songs in Baroque Style and get it recorded in the album, The adventures of Bernie the schoolboy. Let's listen to the arrangement of "The adventures of Bernie the schoolboy" !


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[Jazz Music] Sometime Ago

Sometime Ago is a warm/lovely/relaxing Jazz Waltz.
We all know that Jazz is a very intellectual music. However, sometimes we just want to hear something light, but of course, always with nice melody rich harmony! We are simply looking for something easy to resonate with our hearts 🙂 right?

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[Jazz Music] Invitation

Invitation is one of my favorite Jazz Standard. I find it's pretty ...sexy!
I have played it many many times, and also recorded it in my debut Jazz album "Jazz Without Time Zones". However, I never got tired of playing it. There is always something amazing coming out!Like this time, all the sudden, I improvised by my left hand 🙂

Invitation 是我很愛的一首爵士標準曲。我覺得這首歌有種...性感的感覺!
即便是我已彈過好多次,也收錄在我的第一張爵士演奏專輯 “爵士零時差” ,但我從沒厭倦過演奏它,因為每次總是會有驚奇的音樂想法產生!譬如這一次,就突然想來一段用左手即興的片段 🙂

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