The Exclusive Interview With Guitar Guru, Jordan Peters

One of my favorite ways to find empowerment is to interview fellow inspirational talents! I have always been curious about other people’s gifts, and sitting on the reporting side of the interview is revelational. Jordan Peters was my college colleague when I studied at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Coincidently, he ventured of to New York City to further his career development when I, too, moved to the Big Apple. Read More »

[Interview] A Thoughtful Jazz Musician from Montreal: Josh Rager


A Thoughtful Jazz Piano/Composer/Arranger/Professor

The way that Josh creates music is full of care and passion to the Canadian culture and surroundings.

Josh Rager was my Jazz arranging instructor at McGill University. I was very lucky to be in his class and seriously, he has taught everyone lots of valuable arranging technics! He unfolded the mysterious masks of the complicated harmony in Jazz arranging. I would love to say thanks you so much, Josh 🙂 He has been playing around the world with his own band and as a side musician. He started with teaching part time in the universities in both Canada and the States, Recently, he started to be a full time professor in Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. All right, let's read his awesome musical Journey!
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[Interview] 來自南韓的加拿大爵士鋼琴家:Min Rager



Min Rager 是我的好朋友,也是我在McGill大學讀書時,爵士編曲教授Josh Rager的太太。不經意的巧合下,我們認識了彼此,經過幾次交談,因為想法和興趣相投,很自然地變成暢所欲言的好朋友。常常一起逛街吃飯,可能因為我們真的有些貌似,所以很多人都以為我們是姐妹 🙂 Read More »

[Interview] Eldad Tsabary: 來自以色列的電子原聲專家



Electroacoustic(電子原聲),對多數人來說,是非常陌生的領域。來自耶路撒冷附近城鎮的以色列音樂家 Eldad Tsabary 從小在音樂環境中長大,六歲開始學管風琴,十二歲開始學長笛,二十幾歲時,與太太一起到紐約Mannes音樂院學習作曲。原本已在紐約讀了兩年半的作曲博士,但覺得美國的生活經驗已足夠,決定移民到加拿大,從註冊一所音樂科技學院Musi-Techinic 開始他的移民之路新生活。
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