• April 12, 2017
  • By Amanda Wu
  • in Music

My New EP Launch: The Journey On Earth, Vol.2: Stories Of Time @ Rockwood, NYC

My New EP Launch World Tour. The Third Stop: NYC

Venue: Rockwood Concert Hall, Stage 1  (196 Allen Street, New York, NY. 10002)

Date: 4/24 Monday

Time: 10 PM

If you are around, I will be very happy to see you there! Come party with me 🙂 will be fun ♥

The Introduction of the EP:

The Perfect Blend of Jazz and Classical & The Most Remarkable Crossover Music!

Elegant style/ Exquisite skill/ Tender voice with determined personality.

  Amanda Wu grew up in the special education of music and had won lots of prizes in classical music since elementary school. She moved to Montreal, Canada to study at McGill University and switch to Jazz music. Her compositions are blended with authentic Jazz and Classical. On top of that, she also mixed with creativity that is from her dwelling and traveling experiences in the world.

  In order to express her thoughts completely, she plays many roles, such as producer/composer/ lyricist/ arranger/ vocal/ piano/ cover design/ and stylist in the EP. Moreover, she went to Berlin twice to do the mixing with the producer of a famous European Band, Jazzanova!  

 “The Journey on Earth” is the original music series of Amanda Wu. After Vol.1 “Unknown” which has gained a lot of fans and reputation, she released Vol.2 “Stories of Time” with delicate methods and creative approaches.

Amanda said: “When soul is placed in the human body, we start a journey on Earth. Time tells us so much stories and we consciously or unconsciously write lots of stories correspondent to timeline”. The 4 songs of this EP are the experiences and the observations of human behavior that have imprinted in her mind. Therefore, the 4 songs have very individual musical personalities…

1. The Chaos Of The Snow: Classical flavor blended with Jazz chords, she expresses the complicated feeling when it snows constantly almost every day in the winter Montreal.

2. How To Live: It is an oriental pop style. She performed extremely difficult skills along with singings. For sure, it will open your imagination to the next level of singing along with the piano.

3. Listen To The Story Of Time: Funk style which describes the ambiguous status between urban men and women. However, it is after all, controlled by Timing!

4. Does Tradition Exist In The 21st Century? : It is a relaxing Bossa Nova style, but beyond that, it arises people to think: Do all the tradition make sense? Do they fit the modern societies? How many of them that we have to keep, and how many of them that we have to delete?

  Amanda Wu wants to share her thoughts of “Outside of Box” to resonate with you and hope you genuinely hear your inner world and be conscious about the outside world!    

Travel to create MUSIC.
Travel with FASHION.
Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA.
Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY.
Travel to Share the fantastic world with You.

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