A Medieval Fantasy Adventure Through Prague

Prague, the magical, medieval city full of history and new adventures on every corner!

Once I had finally seen all of Dresden, Germany, I hopped on a bus headed to Prague. I should have known my destination would be magnificent, because even the bus ride across the border was amazing. In a matter of miles, the culture, the languages, and the mentality all changed. Wow…

Prague is beautiful and a destination I plan to visit often during my lifetime. The moment I stepped foot onto this lovely land, it felt as if I walked into a Medieval fairy tale. I love the freedom of traveling alone, but Prague was just too romantic to be alone. Read More »

Finding The Inspiration Of Rebirth In The Beautiful City Of Dresden

Solo traveling is like life training. Just like life, traveling is exhausting but it can also full of surprise encounters that shape you into the incredible being that you are!


After exploring the beautiful Leipzig, Germany for a few weeks, I followed my intuition yet again. For some spiritual reason I will never fully know, it led me to the beautiful city of Dresden. As soon as I arrived, I noticed my stay was on a giant hill. As I reached the top, I came upon a quaint and cozy Airbnb with an idyllic view. Right away it relaxed me. Even better, I had the entire floor to myself equipped with a spacious bedroom, a living room with a kitchen and bathroom. Needless to say, it was a blissful stay having the place to myself. Read More »

An Enchanting Musical Experience in Leipzig, Germany


Sometimes trusting your intuition can lead you to some unexpected magical places...


After three months working in New York City, I decided to take a much-needed European vacation this summer. My first stop in Europe was Berlin, Germany. As excited as I was to be finally be overseas, I unfortunately didn’t find the success I was looking for in Berlin. As amazing as the city was, I didn’t connect with Berlin as I hoped. Perhaps it was my jet lag or adjusting the a new location that may have deterred my experience, but after 5 days in the eclectic city, I decided to make my next move in search of what I was looking for. Something told me I would find that in Leipzig, Germany. Read More »

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