花都。無辜。Innocence and the Floral City

為了配合攝影界的年度大事 “Paris Photo” 於巴黎大皇宮的展覽,我和攝影師挑了2015年11月12~16日到巴黎拍攝。原本,美麗的花都忙碌如常,時尚的人們與高雅的建築,形成一種交相輝映的迷人景緻。大街上熙熙攘攘,即便車水馬龍、人聲鼎沸,卻絲毫混濁不了瀰漫在空氣中的藝術氣味...

Every year in Grand Palais, there is an important event for photography called "Paris Photo". It was on the 12th~16th of November 2015, so my photographer and I chose this period to go to Paris for both visiting the exhibition and shooting photos for street fashion. Everything was busy but fine as usual. Stunning people and spectacular buildings create an exquisite scenery. Even if the city is full of noise, crowded people and incredible traffic, they still can not stain the beauty of this artistic city...
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