March 5, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Amanda & MJ-BOX: The Ability Developed from Traveling Alone: Flexibility

Traveling alone is the best chance to exercise your “inner muscles”.

In addition to the “Intuitions” that I have shared before, this time I’m going to talk about the ability to “Flexibility”.

Keep your brain nimble at all times

Anything could happen once you are in an exotic place and nothing is familiar with you. Therefore, this is the moment that calm is your only true friend. Then, you have to play it by ear and try to come up with any possible solution.

I could still recall my adventure of a performance trip to Rome. I had someone arrange my accommodation and the landlady would be my accompany.  However, the person who made the reservation only told me the address before I went on the bus, but the other important detail---the landlord's name---was still missing!

So according to my experience of busing many times in Europe, there will be wifi signals on the bus, I thought maybe I could contact her while transporting. Nonetheless, things went out differently as I originally expected. I spent 20 hours from Budapest to Rome and even had a transit at Croatia, and those two buses I went on had no wifi services at all! What really drove me crazy was not the boredom but the fact of failing to contact anyone at all.

As soon as I arrived in Rome, there was no wifi at the station too. Without hesitation, I still went straight to the accommodation first. Maybe you would wonder why I need the name of the landlord so desperately. Because in Italy, a house number represents a whole building, that is, dozens of households share the same address.
Rome in summer was a lot hotter than Taiwan. With the midday-burning-sun, it was easy for someone to become short-tempered. I told myself that standing here and waiting for someone to get the door was not the solution, so I calmed myself down. Surprisingly, a thought stroke my mind: The landlady knew my name, and I could speak some simple Italian greetings like “Sono Amanda”(I am Amanda)! Then I pressed the doorbell, starting from the first row, as long as someone picked up the phone, I just said "Sono Amanda", so when she heard it, she would open the door for me!

Fortunately, my homestay was actually in the first row, and I immediately found the landlord to get the door for me!

When traveling alone, be sure to stay in a state of “Improvisation”. Calmness is the key of adaptability. Don't panic, don't complain, don't be annoyed, just calm down and many possibilities would suddenly become crystal clear.


除了之前分享過的直覺力之外,這篇要分享的是 “隨機應變” 的能力。

依照我在歐洲坐過許多次 bus 的經驗,bus 上都會有 wifi, 所以就老神在在的想說上 bus 後再問她。結果,我從布達佩斯坐了20 個小時到羅馬,中間還經克羅埃西亞轉車,而這兩班 bus 竟然都沒有 wifi!! 先不說在車上有多無聊了,聯絡不到人才最令我頭痛。

當時是一個炎夏的正中午,我一到門口,心想,總不能一直站在外面,等有人剛好開大門進去吧。夏天的羅馬,比台灣還熱,很容易心浮氣躁。於是,我告訴自己靜下心來,果真靈機一動,突然想到我會講義大利文,義大利文的 “ 我是Amanda = Sono Amanda ”,那我就從第一排門鈴開始按,只要有人接起電話,我就說 “Sono Amanda ”, 因為房東知道我的名字,所以她一聽到,就會幫我開門啦!真幸運,我的民宿其實就在第一排,馬上就找到房東來開門了!

一個人旅行時,一定要保持在能夠 “隨機應變” 的狀態。能隨機應變的關鍵,其實是在於冷靜。不要驚慌、不要抱怨、不要煩躁,靜下來就對了。靜下來,很多解決問題的可能性,就會浮出來!


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High Heel: minelli
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