March 1, 2019 By Amanda Wu

The Ability Developed from Traveling Alone: The Power of Intuition


The key point of traveling alone is not just entertainment but life training.


For all these years, I could literally conclude that all my "Solo traveler" journeys are like life training courses. Among all the abilities that I have acquired, there is one which impresses me the most: The Power of Intuition!


When I travel alone, I’ve got no one to talk to, no one to discuss with, and no connection with any passersby around me. I could only be in my own world and rely on my own thoughts. However, this is exactly the best moment to listen to the deepest voice within your heart. And that is, “The Intuition”, which always finds a great balance in the moments of “Tranquility” and “Seclusion”. In fact, intuition gives us guidance all the time, but the messages are often ignored by our self-righteous mind.

Intuition stems from the soul, and the soul travels faster than the brain. In retrospect, is there any circumstance you act without specific reasons?

When your inner-peace merges the soul into one, it will then guide you omni-directionally.


There are countless times that I just roughly referenced the Google Map, and then I let my heart take the lead.
Without any technical support, just intuition, it worked! I could always reach the destination!
In contrast, I often ended up confusing if too much thinking overwhelmed me and if I only follow my phone with the directions on Google Map.

Let go of the shackles of shallow consciousness! Connect with your soul and let your heart guide you. After doing so, you will find that you are more powerful than you think! As long as you reach your true inner-peace, this amazing intuition will await you to believe in it completely, trigger it fearlessly!








一個人旅行,沒有人跟我說話、沒有人給我意見,跟身旁的路人沒有連結,只能完完全全地活在自己的思考裡、自己的世界中。而這種 “靜” ,這種 “隔絕”,就是聽到心底的聲音的最佳時刻,也就是直覺。其實直覺常常在給我們很多指引,只是我們常常被自以為是的大腦所左右,而忽略直覺的訊息。




有好多次,我在心裡設定目的地,大略在 google map 上看個大方向,然後放下手機,憑直覺向左轉向右轉... 而真的,就這樣走到了。
依賴著 google map, 反而多繞了幾圈,因為太多的思考,反而更加困惑。



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