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March 28, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Amanda & NaSaDen: The Ability developed from Traveling Alone: Stay Calm When in Peril

Castle in heavy rain

Continuing the previous two articles, "The ability of solo traveler," this one aims to share "Stay calm when in peril."

In 2017, I went on a trip to the country of the fairy tale—Prague. On the hill, there was the world's largest castle "Prague Castle". As I admired the scenery, I slowly climbed up the mountain top.

Outside the ancient castle, a huge square resided, and a stage was being built in the middle of the square. When I took a closer look...wow! It turned out that there was a classical Jazz crossover performance by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic in the evening. I thought to myself that what an astonishing coincidence this was because I got to watch the show after visiting the castle.

The evening square is crowded with a welcoming audience. The music was very satisfying, and the atmosphere was mesmerizing. Seemingly, everything looked flawless, however, suddenly it started to rain like cats and dogs!!! I noticed everyone fled in every direction. Some hiding from the rain, while others rushing down the mountain... The eaves of nearby buildings were all too small to hide from the rain.
After all, afraid of slipping, I didn't dare to rush down the mountain. As time went by, it was late and I was not familiar with the area. The only thing that I could do was to hide in a tiny eave, facing against the street.

Before long, my back was totally toasted, in the end, every part of my body was soaked. At that moment, I knew my utmost priority was to protect my bag from getting wet. My bag was my savior, with phone and charger, I could ask Uber to turn the tide. Time was seen to froze and my prayers were within the air, wishing the rain to stop little by little...

To be honest, in this kind of situation—when all the tension, panic, and fear crawl on you—I forced myself to stay calm. We all know that these emotions are always inevitable. They will not bring you any good and the situation would only get more chaotic. Therefore, I tried to calm my nerves and I thought to myself:

“I still have my phone and the battery hasn’t run out yet.”
“Though fewer and fewer, at least there are still some people here.”
“The castle in the moonlight rain looks more romantic than the daytime.”
“It doesn't matter if my whole body is wet since my shirt is already quite transparent. it just only gets a little more transparent. ;)”
“Fortunately, there is no wind, so I will not catch a cold. Also, being washed by super heavy rain? People don’t get this kind of experiences all the time right?”

When the rain finally got smaller, I hurried to the Greek style temple-like building on the opposite side. Standing under the pillars, I started booking an Uber.  Nonetheless, there may be too many people affecting the signal or reserving the cars at the same time. There were two times when the car was approaching, but suddenly it became another car that was still far away... Thirty minutes had I been waiting and three times had I missed the chance of grabbing the car and finally! Finally, I got in the car!

As soon as I got on the car, a very musty smell startled me. Though feeling uncomfortable, I told myself not to pay attention to the smell, because at least I got in the car, the driver was friendly, and all hassles were about to end once reached the accommodation!

As soon as I was in my room, I immediately took a hot shower. Just by the time that I was enjoying myself, the water was no longer warm... I could only comfort myself that it was fine in hot summer days and I was lucky enough to even get to clean myself up.

Washed away the rain and the tiredness, calming myself from fear and anxiety, eventually,  I could let my guards down. Laying on the bed and lifting my legs against the wall, I carefully picked up bits and pieces about what just had happened. I can’t figure out what forced me to calm down, and each scene flashed in my mind were as if battles in a nightmare.

With willpower to suppress the fear inside the heart, returning safely from the stormy mountains of an unfamiliar area, I thanked for everything.
I was grateful that my phone was not wet and dead, the Uber did come, and the driver was a good man.
Unintentionally, I understand my inner muscles have been strengthened again. 🙂






延續之前兩篇 “一個人旅行所培養的能力”,這篇要分享的是『臨危不亂』。

2017年,我到童話世界 “布拉格” 旅遊。山上有座全世界最大的古堡 “布拉格城堡”。我一邊欣賞風景、一邊慢慢爬上山。

古堡外有個很大的廣場,廣場中間正在搭建舞台,我走近一看,喔!原來晚上有紐約 Jazz at Lincoln Center 爵士大樂團捷克愛樂的古典爵士跨界演出。心想真是太巧了,逛完城堡後就可以直接看演出,真棒!

傍晚的廣場,已擠滿一堆熱情的聽眾。音樂非常棒、氣氛非常高亢,就在一切看似完美時, 突然間,下起了滂沱大雨!!!只見大家鳥獸散,有的躲雨、有的往山下衝... 附近的建築屋簷都很短,沒有太大的遮雨作用。我不敢貿然下山,畢竟天色已晚,又對路不熟,也怕滑倒,只好躲在短短的屋簷,背對著街道,先是背部全濕,接著整個身體也濕透,我唯一保護在角落不能濕透的,就是包包,因為包包裡有手機、行動電源,可以叫Uber 來救我。於是我怎麼樣都不能讓包包淋濕,只能不斷禱告大雨趕快停。說真的不知過了多久,人已越來越少 ... 越來越少 ... 大雨總算一點 ... 一滴 ... 慢慢 ... 變小 ...

手機一定可以用、電量一定夠、雖然人變少但起碼還是有人、月色雨中的城堡看起來比白天更浪漫、全身溼了沒關係,反正我的上衣本來就蠻透明的(濕了只是更透明一點而已) ;)、還好沒有什麼風所以不會感冒、人生也很少有被大雨徹底沖刷的經驗...

拿起手機叫 Uber, 可能天氣不好影響訊號或叫車的人太多,有兩次都是眼看車子快到,卻又突然變成另外一輛還在很遠處的車...


一進門,當然先沖個熱水澡。不知為何,水幾分鐘後就不太熱了... 我又告訴自己,沒關係還好是夏天,能洗乾淨就好。
洗淨了雨水、疲憊,平息了害怕、焦慮,終於可以真正放鬆了。抬著腿躺在床上,仔細回想剛剛的一切... 我也搞不清楚是什麼力量使慌亂化為冷靜,腦海中的一幕一幕,彷彿是一場戰鬥的夢...

用意志力壓制著內心的惶恐,平安地從完全不認識路的暴雨山中回來,我感謝手機沒濕、Uber 有來、司機是好人。我知道內在的肌肉,已神不知鬼不覺地,增加了一塊  🙂


♦ Outfits ♦

Necklace: Chanel Coco Crush

Watch: Rolex, Lady DATEJUST 28mm

Nail Polish: Alloya

Outfits: MOMA

Boots: Rudsak

Suitcase (Sponsored by): NaSaDen

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