May 18, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable To Find Your Inner Voice

Each and every one of us has a powerful inner voice that helps shape who we are. The key is to find it, trust, it, and go with it!

Famous poet Rumi once said, “A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you.” Contrary to popular belief, being alone doesn’t mean being lonely or anti-social. In fact, spending time alone can be beneficial to your well-being and help you discover your inner voice.

Your inner voice is the best guide to help pave your path of life. We often ignore that spiritual nudge from within, but that internal speech or verbal stream of consciousness is actually your spirit giving you all the answers you’re searching for. The key is to be able to hear it, trust it, and go with it.

To find that powerful inner voice you must learn how to be comfortable with being alone.

It may seem intimidating at first since society encourages us to always stay connected to everyone at all times (hence social media), but alone time is a necessary part of growth. Whether you take a few minutes each morning to meditate, or take a year off to travel the world, spending good quality time to yourself can help you hear that voice we so often ignore.

When we find that inner voice, we get a glimpse into our spiritual being and can learn so much about ourselves. I never imagined I’d have so much alone time as an adult, and it was daunting at first. But over the years, I’ve learned to become grateful.

Having alone time has allowed me to become more focused, objective, emotionally independent, and emotionally stronger. I was able to filter unhealthy thoughts and unnecessary connections with people just by taking a few moments to myself. Throughout my career as a creative entrepreneur and world traveler, I’ve learned that my inner voice is guiding me through my journey and ultimately, helping me tailor the life I truly want for myself.

Embrace being alone from time to time and get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s what helps you find that inner voice that defines you as an individual and ultimately helps you take control of your own destiny. Remember, hear it, trust it and go with it!

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