November 1, 2018 By Amanda Wu



The Exciting Moments


With all the excitements and good vibes, I am honored and happy to announce that the brand new AMANDA YIYEN blog is officially out now!
During the past few months , I have spend time collecting my thoughts and try to make them into practices. With a new branding strategy, I delicately redesigned the blog and I am glad to share my exquisite presentation with you! The spirit of insisting in details did grow on me long ago. Therefore, apart from writing music, shaping fashion styles, and designing my album cover, how would I let slip the great chance of designing my own website 😉


With the completion of the project, I would like to give a big applause to my web engineer. From great changes to the last finishing touches, my fantasy and ideas have been perfectly generated and realized into a masterpiece. "Music", "Fashion", "Idea", and "Journey" are four major themes in my blog. With an eye to make readers to have a better experience, the newer version of the site is designed with clearer classifications and simpler templates. The pure and classy design presents an visual authenticity, avoiding all the messy elements and other sensation that might distract you. Upholding the concept of "less is more", and “sleek simplicity,” the presentation allows readers to throw themselves entirely into my articles 🙂


In addition, here is another great announcement to be made. Apart from the existing “Music store” , I would like to shout out for the grand opening of my “Online courses” and “Fashion store”. The online courses include “Music lessons” and “Lifestyle design courses”. The music lessons will be implemented with 1-on-1 online tutoring. On the other hand, the lifestyle design courses, one could either choose for 1-on-1 online tutoring or pre-recorded online tutorials. By doing so, we could break the boundaries of borders and enjoy these courses at any place any time!


Last but not-least, the brand new “Fashion store” is another highlight which excites me. There are three major categories in the store: women, men, and home. Each category truly owns an unique taste to itself, and the classifications of each genre are also well organized. The clothes and fine goods are all chosen from my exclusive fashion perspectives. Readers who appreciate my personal style would definitely adore the products I chose and recommend, and I sincerely wish everyone a pleasant shopping experience. Here I give you the warmest welcome and please enjoy my brand new blog!
If you have any opinion or thoughts, please leave your comments, your comments mean a lot to me! Looking forward to communicating with you 🙂



帶著滿滿興奮的能量,要正式地向大家宣佈,AMANDA YIYEN 全新部落格已正式上線!

經過了幾個月的時間沈澱自己、確立品牌方向、重新設計部落格,現在很開心地,將我精心設計的新部落格呈現給大家。『音樂』 『時尚』『想法』『旅行』是我部落格的四大主題。堅持什麼都自己創作的我,除了創作音樂、穿搭風格、設計專輯封面外,部落格當然也要自己設計!感謝工程師這幾個月來的大修微調,完美地將我的夢幻想法化真實的呈現。新版的分類更清楚、版型更簡約,讓大家一目瞭然。視覺上很純淨,避開所有可能讓你分心的元素,以及過多視覺刺激的雜亂。而我希望呈現的,就是『少即是多』、『簡約俐落』的概念,讓大家能專注地將內容完整看完。

除此之外,還要很開心的跟大家宣布,除了之前就有的音樂商店外,現在我開設了『線上課程』『時尚商店』。課程部份有『音樂課程』『人生設計課程』。『音樂課程』是一對一的視訊上課,『人生設計課程』有一對一視訊或影片式教學兩種選擇。無論我在哪個國家,大家都可以輕鬆找我上課!另外還有令人興奮的『時尚商店』! 裡面全都是我精心挑選的商品,相信喜歡我風格的朋友,也會信任我的眼光與推薦。有女性男性家飾三大類,商品各類細項也分得很清楚,相信大家可以逛的很舒服!更歡迎常來逛逛!

有任何意見或想法,都可以隨時留言給我!期待與大家的交流 🙂

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