March 13, 2019 By Amanda Wu

[Amanda & Alloya] The Elegant Clothes of Your Nails


Fashion of Fingertips


When I was living in Manhattan, I found that Manhattan actually had a hidden feature: Nail salons were everywhere!
Manhattan is a melting pot of nationalities. Women from different countries all share one thing in common - the nail cares -
so, nail salons are basically everywhere in the city. It shows that women around the world attach great importance to nails.

A few months ago, I found a brand from the UK called Alloya, and it was a kind of DIY gel nail which could be done easily at home. It could also be removed by gently rubbing it, which was very convenient and did no harm to the nails. There are many colors to choose and the finishing works are spectacular.

Due to time constraints, I like to play with different colors. Besides, in this way, it has resolved the boredom of only wearing a single color and become my personal favorite to sharpen my intuitions of color matching.

I recently created three interesting sets of manicures, naming them:

Delicate Ravishing Red / Willows of Royal Wall / Berry Purple (please see the pics below)

Friends who want to try, please stay tuned, we will launch a group-buying plan for Taiwan on 3/18 !!! Yay !!!

There will also be a preferential combination price and firsthand new colors. 🙂

Just think about playing the Fashion of Fingertips, we can also evoke more health awareness and cultivate our color aesthetics. Isn’t it fabulous?


指尖衣著, Alloya 光療指甲膠



幾個月前,接觸來自英國的品牌 Alloya 光療指甲膠,是一種在家就可以自己做的光療,


纖纖紅酥手 / 御牆柳 / 紫月莓

想試試的朋友們,請注意我的團購消息,我們將於 3月18日開放台灣地區團購喔!
到時會有優惠組合價和新色搶先購 🙂

- Delicate Ravishing Red, 纖纖紅酥手 -


- Willows of Royal Wall, 御牆柳 -


- Purple Moon Berry 紫月莓 -

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