March 29, 2017

The Coat and the Visionary Metropolitan, London

When you are pursuing your dreams, you need the perfect outfit to make you feel your complete self!

After writing this blog for a while, I knew that my role is no longer just an artist or content creator. I have become an entrepreneur! You probably heard that musicians would lock themselves in a mountain or some places that are away from other people. They want to be alone and isolated in order to concentrate practicing or composing music.
Me, I am doing the similar thing but for different outcome! Instead of isolating for music, I isolated myself for turning the mindset into a business mindset.
Shifting is never easy but somehow, full of excitement. It is like...you can't wait to see what kind of person you will turn out to be after the transitional period, right?
Last fall, I have decided to fly to London and lock myself in the co-working office "WeWork" to really focus on figuring out and developing the business side of my blog and career. At WeWork, there are so many creators, entrepreneur and creative thinkers. The vibe made me calm and motivated. It is a perfect space to arouse the inner sleeping businesswoman. Besides the environment, you know what! You know when you can really sense your deeper self?
That is when you wear the outfit which completely matches you! When it matches with you, you will know it right away!


Fall in London gets pretty cold actually. I am definitely in love with this coat from TED BAKER . The cut, design, unique color, and image that is presented are just right! Do you know what kind of coat suits you the best? Fun to think about it and then, try it on 🙂


Looking back in life, Even though I have accomplished many of my dreams, but never felt enough! Therefore, I still keep making more dreams come true. Waking on the path way to more success, I need the perfect coats/outfits to accompany me to gain more sources of energy! So Do You 🙂


♥ Big Love to you and the journey on earth ♥


♠ Outfit:
High Heels: REISS
Purse: Mulberry

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Singer: Lucy Rose
Song: I Tried

It is funny that this street is the exact street that my office was located!
There are Liverpool Street Station and Spitalfield Market.
I discovered Lucy Rose's voice by accident while staying in London. Her voice is soothing with the magnetic effect.
It relaxed me. Hope it does the same for you.

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