September 20, 2016

[Creative Music] Piano Arrangement: The adventures of Bernie the Schoolboy

一起聽聽收錄在王若琳創作專輯 “博尼的大冒險” 裡歌曲 “The adventures of Bernie the schoolboy"
In order to write music as Baroque Period, I have reviewed some technics of Bach Invention and Sinfonia.

For me, Bach's music is easy to digest. It is pure and clean because there is no tangled desire.

Despite the way all the melodies go is complicated, they actually response to each other seamlessly.

No matter musical sparks come from vertical or horizontal directions, or no matter it is a short appeared phrase or overlapping long phrases, the feeling is always delightful! This is the charm of Baroque Music. Really happy and grateful having the chance to arrange songs in Baroque Style and get it recorded in the album, The adventures of Bernie the schoolboy. Let's listen to the arrangement of "The adventures of Bernie the schoolboy" !


♠ iRoo

♦ Special Thanks to: STEINWAY & SONS
♦ Photo by: 魏奇威 at ShapeShifter Lab (Brooklyn, NY)

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