August 11, 2017 By Amanda Wu

An Enchanting Musical Experience in Leipzig, Germany

Sometimes trusting your intuition can lead you to some unexpected magical places...

After three months working in New York City, I decided to take a much-needed European vacation this summer. My first stop in Europe was Berlin, Germany. As excited as I was to be finally be overseas, I unfortunately didn’t find the success I was looking for in Berlin. As amazing as the city was, I didn’t connect with Berlin as I hoped. Perhaps it was my jet lag or adjusting the a new location that may have deterred my experience, but after 5 days in the eclectic city, I decided to make my next move in search of what I was looking for. Something told me I would find that in Leipzig, Germany.


I wasn’t a familiar with this city, but I trusted my intuition. Although small, this city was incredibly significant in the world of classical music. Here was home to St. Thomas Church where Bach used to work for more than 20 years. Coincidently, my trip coincided with the last week of the Bach Festival, where I was able to enjoy a Bach Motet concert in the church. I was thrilled to be on the historic front line and feel the sacred music and the Saint of music. As my heart trembled imagining Bach once sitting in the exact same spot playing his organ centuries ago, I had a thought: I don’t think the reason why Bach composed so much music to demonstrate what an amazing composer/musician he was. Nor do I think he did it to compete with other musicians. He didn’t devote so much of himself for fame or fortune. I think it was purely to manifest the talent that God gave him for worshipping. He simply desired to be the best of himself without wasting his talent. His music is so pure, so spiritually clean because it was from the purity of his heart and intention. His music is organic.


If that wasn’t great enough, I also had the honor to visit Mendelssohn-Haus in Leipzig. Visiting these great musicians’ houses gave me so much inspiration in both music and life. I definitely admire their spirits.


Visiting Leipzig, Germany was an incredible experience and it will forever be in my heart!



~ St. Thomas Church, Leipzig ~

~ Motet Concert of Bach Festival ~

~ Bach Museum ~

~ Mendelssohn-Haus ~

~ A casual corner ~

~ Super authentic German meal: Asparagus and German blonde beer ~

~ The View from the room where I stayed ~


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Composition: Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No.1 in G minor op.25

I played the first movement when I was 15 years old. I clearly remember when the first time I listened to this piece, because I was completely enchanted! Then, I asked my teacher if I  could this piece. I enjoyed playing it and immersing myself into the incredibly beautiful melody...It was like a musical spa!

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