November 18, 2018 By Amanda Wu

Fashion with Autumn Leaves

Only classic goes beyond classic: Maple leaves.

When the leaves turn fairy-red and brown, we would know that another great year shall be gone.
Compared to the vivid green in spring, the autumn red is more delicate and restrained.

The playful and childlike innocence of any traveler would certainly be triggered in this marvelous maple season. However, when you dig deeper into your heart, one would find out that it is actually a sense of tranquility hiding beneath the excitement from the appearance. Staring at those green, yellow, and red colors weaving together, immediately, I fell into an indescribable intoxication.

The whole mountain is just like a large piece of canvas, and our Creator can enjoy painting every colorful wonder.
In order to indulge in the atmosphere and match the magnificent autumn leaves, I put on a dress in polka dot from iRoo, a leather jacket from Rudsak, a Balenciaga Town bag and carried a vintage suitcase. I think this outfit truly represented the beauty of nature.

Our lives on this miraculous planet- Earth, are just like journeys. So make sure we collect all the bits and pieces of those jubilant memories and remember to treasure them in our hearts.





我用 iRoo 點點洋裝、Rudsak 皮衣、Balenciaga Town bag 和復古行李箱這套穿搭,來呼應多層次的美麗秋葉、呼應大自然的萬種風情。

地球生活是一趟旅行,我們要仔細收藏旅行中的點滴 🙂

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