November 5, 2018 By Amanda Wu

Fashion in the Forest

Let the great nature be the fashion catwalk for you to shine

To me, fashion is a kind of mindset and a kind of attitude. Who says that fashion only appears on a modern boulevard or a chic dining bar? I believe that fashion is ubiquitous, so of course, it could also be in nature. 🙂

The craving of binding with nature is a gifted human blessing. Imagine a wonderful and sophisticated balance of a mountain and a forest coexist in a mega city. The imagination did come to life at “Montreal”, an English-French bilingual city which is located in the east of Canada. Its unique terrain is an art shaped by the great nature.

The autumn chili air has swept the east-Canada already, and the temperature usually sways from 0 to 10 Celsius.

At a glimmering dawn, I sensed an indistinct summon from the Mount Royal. After conquering the fatigue resulted from coldness, I opened my eyes, arose to get ready, and headed to the downtown city.

Strolling in the woods, enjoying a forest bath, and admiring the tree leaves laying one after another were utmost therapeutic activities that I could ever imagine in the late autumn. With the greenly-yellowish hues and relaxing atmosphere, together they weaved into a tenderness that soothed and calmed my heart.

Every time when I go out, I usually go with a simpler style and would only bring a few necessary items with me. In order to fit my credit cards, phone, keys, lipsticks, eyebrow pencil, and pressed powder, CHANEL Wallet On Chain is undoubtedly my everyday-must-have.

Regarding the outwear, I chose to go with a wool fur coat from Mackage - a fashion brand known for making warm and beautiful winter coats/parkas. It perfectly prevented me from suffering chilliness, and I was able to engage and bond with nature physically and mentally. Immersing in the energy which nature emitted allowed me to pardon myself from intricate ideas and my non-stop itinerary temporarily.

Appreciated by the deciduous fading of the land, and the lush foliage of the ornamental branches, I felt complete again. This unremitting cycle of life touched me and brought me a deep inner awakening. At such wonderful dawn in late autumn, my fashion and spirit coexisted in Mount Royal.



時尚一定要在都會區的大道,或時髦的餐廳酒吧嗎?我覺得時尚是一種心態,更是一種姿態。時尚無所不在,當然也可以在大自然 🙂

人天生有與大自然連結的渴求,若在一座大城市的是市中心有座山、有樹林,那是多麽棒的平衡啊!而加拿大東部的英法雙語大城 “蒙特婁” 就幸運地有這樣的地形結構。

加東的秋天,氣溫已非常低,介於攝氏10度至0度間。在深秋的一個清晨,我硬是睜開因寒冷而倦累的雙眼,來到市區的皇家山。在樹林裡散步、看著樹葉黃綠層層柔和的交疊、並大口吸入芬多精,是深秋裡最好的放鬆!我出門向來很精簡,只攜帶一定必須的東西(信用卡、手機、鑰匙、唇彩、眉筆、粉餅)所以 CHANEL Wallet On Chain 是每天出門的最好選擇!而時尚大衣品牌 Mackage 羊毛皮草大衣給了我充足的溫暖,讓我毋須對抗寒意,只管將心思毫無保留交予大自然,與它連結,沁取它的能量來沈澱頭腦裡不斷竄動的各式各樣想法、以及停不下來的排程與計畫。欣賞一地落葉凋零的枯絕、觀賞枝上樹葉繁茂的嬌豔,深秋的這樣一個清晨,我帶著我的時尚,在皇家山裡,得到內在深層的甦醒,心底滿是無限感激!

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