November 10, 2018 By Amanda Wu

Fashion in the Mountain

The nature is like a canvas with an all-embracing manner.

I continued my last article about “Fashion in the Forest”, and went further into the mountain. Nature demonstrated the most fabulous welcome with a dense forest and fallen leaves far and near. The scene completely caught my breath...Its utmost beauty was fresh, pure, lighthearted, and even got a sense of childlike innocence.

The great nature is just like a canvas with an all-embracing manner. We can free ourselves here and show our attitudes as our wishes.

How to deal with freezing weather while looking stylish? Here was my outfit of the day: I put on a warm rabbit fur vest and a one-piece dress in floral print from MOMA, a fashion brand from Taiwan that I buy almost every year.

To match my look, I paired with the super eye-catching red GUCCI Padlock and the Canadian brand L’intervalle’s patent leather boots. As my gel manicure, I chose to go with the Alloya dark cyan nail gel.

I stepped on the fallen leaves, accompanied with the rustle of breeze and trees. I awoke my inner little girl, connected excitedly with nature, and posed spontaneously. Just like playing jazz improvisation, every posture truly reflected the feelings of that moment! 

There were no bondage, coyness, and modification. I called it: The improvisation of Modeling 😉 

What a wonderful morning! Again, unexpectedly, I was elevated both physically and mentally by every surprising detail of my music career and my another career role as a blogger.

How cheerful it is to share all the surprises I have experienced and the progress I have achieved! Most importantly, I get to share everything I love with you guys. To me, this is indeed a holy blessing.



延續之前的 Fashion in the Forest, 我往更山裡走去。

哇!一大片的樹林與滿地的落葉!好美好美 ... 是一種清新的美,一種淨化塵世憂慮的美,還有一種童心未泯的美。


我穿上幾乎每年必買的台灣品牌 MOMA 保暖的兔毛背心和小花長洋裝來抵禦寒冷。配上超吸睛的紅色 GUCCI 鍊包 Padlock 以及加拿大品牌 L’intervalle 漆皮短靴,再搭上 Alloya 深藍綠色光療指甲膠。


真是一個美好的早晨!我的音樂、部落格工作的每個環節總帶給我許多意外的驚喜、意外的身心靈提升。而我就是熱愛把感受到的驚喜與不斷的自我提升,與你們分享 !    

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