April 8, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Fashion on Millennium Bridge, London

Millennium Bridge is the perfect City Runway!

Shooting "Travel with Fashion" on Millennium Bridge , I felt like a runway model ♥ because the bridge is like the stunning public runway!Life in London was full of motivation for blog business and inspiration for arts!
Millennium Bridge Starts in from of the historical "St. Paul's Cathedral" and connects to the Southwark in front of Tate Modern Museum and Shakespeare Globe. It is the perfect place to shoot the remarkable city with fashion! On the bridge, the unreal feeling came out...The view mixes with historical heritage and extremely modern skyscrapers. Oh God, it is absolutely magnificent! No kidding, it really is the capital of the thousands-year long Kingdom!!!

I wore the newest winter collection 2016 from Oasis. While walking by the store of Oasis in covent garden, this outfit totally caught my eye. The top is simple but you can see there is some bling bling fun and elegant elements around the neck. Moreover, not to mention the skirt, it is just...gorgeous! I totally love the floral pattern and the combination of the colors. It is exquisitely designed! I matched this outfit with the new purse from Mulberry. It is also the new, second generation of classic Bayswater. For shoes, I matched with another English brand, REISS for shoes. REISS always presents classy modern looking and this pair is actually with lace patterns. Mulberry, Oasis and REISS, all together, build up the strong and authentic English sense of fashion!
Looking at the view of the bridge, River Thames, Cathedral and the whole surrounding, thinking of the profound history, plus wearing all classical English brands...how much more could you possibly get ? 😉

♠ Outfit:

Top & Skirt: Oasis

High Heel: REISS

Purse: Mulberry 

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