December 6, 2016 By Amanda Wu

The Glorious Heritage in the Industrial City, Turin


Turin, Humbly Beautiful

Turin is a big city in the northwest Italy, and located in region Piemonte. Milan, Turin, Genoa are so-called the industrial triangle.
The longest river in Italy, Po River is across the city.

When I lived in Milan, I went to Turin for a quick trip. Never really knew this city before, but surprisingly, some strong French atmosphere was in the air and this is a very rare feeling that you can feel in Italy. There are so many castles, palaces, and full of Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classicalism architecture.
Except gorgeous style, the city was not only the first capital after Italy got united but also the important city for the headquarters of industry of cars, such as Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. This trip was kind of rush, but I tried my best to capture the unique beauty of Turin. Now, sharing the peaceful beauty along the riverside of Po River, inside of Palazzo Reale, Parisian street view and classic Italian buildings.


位於皮埃蒙特 (Piemonte)區的 杜林 ,是義大利西北邊的大城,與“米蘭”、“熱內亞”合稱為工業三角,並有義大利最長的 波河 流經。旅居米蘭時,有次到杜林探訪朋友,意外發現杜林有種義大利境內難得一見的宮廷氛圍,有許多的城堡與宮殿,整座城市充滿著巴洛克、洛可可、與新古典主義建築。除了貴氣的美感之外,曾為義大利統一之後的第一個首都的杜林,還是座汽車工業大城,Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo 的總部都在此。這趟行程有點匆促,我盡了最大的努力記錄下這個城市。此篇與大家分享波河岸靜謐的美、薩伏依王朝皇宮內部、類似巴黎感覺的街景與經典義式建築。






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