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March 16, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Amanda & NaSaDen: Home, Sweet Home

Home and Inner Child

Starting from the age of 20, most of the time, I have lived abroad. Therefore, the time I spent in Taiwan was not much, and let alone my hometown, Taichung.

After all these years, even though my personality has already been integrated into many westernized thinkings, aesthetics, and behavioral patterns. After all, growing up in Taiwan, spending so many important and critical periods such as childhood and teenagehood here, I still own fresh and genuine memories of my hometown and my childhood. All of the great times are always so profound and they are deeply rooted in my heart.

No matter how much change I have, how far I have gone, and how much I have evolved, my dearest home, Taichung City, can always warm up my innermost feelings. Although not the prettiest, those familiar streets still render me the deepest sense of security.

When I was away from my origin, I got used to building toughness and staying strong for myself all the time. The mask of disguise has overwhelmed my inner personalities, and the inner child, the little girl who only wants to rely on someone else as her wishes, was long gone. However,  every time when I returned home, my childlike innocence came to life again. The little girl has awakened automatically and merged into a part of me. This kind of conversion is a necessity for me --- a moment of precious relaxation that I always cherish and long for.

I love my hometown, treasure my growth, and favor this little girl who needs the familiar air sometimes. They all shaped a better version of myself.
What about your inner child? They may also be eager to find their roots and naively come out and play around!

| 內在小女孩



不論我有了多大的改變、走了多遠、進化了多少,家 台中市,總是能溫暖我心的最深層。熟悉的大街小巷,它們不是最美,卻給我最深的安全感。



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Suitcase (Sponsored by) : NaSaDen

Outfits: MOMA

Boots: Rudsak

Purse: Balenciaga

Location: 台中國家歌劇院

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