April 8, 2019

Age is just a number

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Fashion, Daily Fashion, Journey, Random Creativity, Canada, North America

I believe that we all have once heard about the saying: Money is merely a series of numbers in the eyes for rich people. The psychology behind this is based on the sense of the security of rich people. They stand far above money and rise up with majestic wings.

I think the concept for “Age” should likewise be the same. In the face of the irreversible phenomenon of physiological growth, our mindsets are what truly matters.

As time goes by and experiences of life continue to add on, one could easily show a worldly and humble empathy. Our eyes would, therefore, emit understanding, mercy, and inclusiveness that erase our ever growing crow’s feet.

As we never take anything for granted and still fulfilling our every step and realizing our every dream, we would then naturally shine with satisfaction and self-confidence. A rather slow metabolism would even break its constraint and make our bodies fit again.

The inner light within us can defeat the fear of aging; the self-sufficiency we foster can make us override the age.

Time still passes by, but we confront it with our free and fruitful souls. What about the boundaries set by the age? We play it cool, and let the story tell for itself.







內在的光芒,擊潰老化的恐懼; 自在的氣度,使我們凌駕於年齡之上



♦ Fashion Style ♦


Coat: Soia & Kyo

Boots: Stuart Weitzman(similar here

Purse: Chanel Wallet On Chain (similar here)

Suitcase: sponsored by: Arowana 

Nail Polish: sponsored by e-nail

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March 28, 2019

The Ability developed from Traveling Alone: Stay Calm When in Peril

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Fashion, Daily Fashion, Journey, Random Creativity, Taichung City

Castle in heavy rain

Continuing the previous two articles, "The ability of solo traveler," this one aims to share "Stay calm when in peril."

In 2017, I went on a trip to the country of the fairy tale—Prague. On the hill, there was the world's largest castle "Prague Castle".
As I admired the scenery, I slowly climbed up the mountain top.

Outside the ancient castle, a huge square resided, and a stage was being built in the middle of the square. When I took a closer look...wow! It turned out that there was a classical Jazz crossover performance by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic in the evening. I thought to myself that what an astonishing coincidence this was because I got to watch the show after visiting the castle.

The evening square is crowded with a welcoming audience. The music was very satisfying, and the atmosphere was mesmerizing. Seemingly, everything looked flawless, however, suddenly it started to rain like cats and dogs!!! I noticed everyone fled in every direction. Some hiding from the rain, while others rushing down the mountain... The eaves of nearby buildings were all too small to hide from the rain.
After all, afraid of slipping, I didn't dare to rush down the mountain. As time went by, it was late and I was not familiar with the area. The only thing that I could do was to hide in a tiny eave, facing against the street.

Before long, my back was totally toasted, in the end, every part of my body was soaked. At that moment, I knew my utmost priority was to protect my bag from getting wet. My bag was my savior, with phone and charger, I could ask Uber to turn the tide. Time was seen to froze and my prayers were within the air, wishing the rain to stop little by little...

To be honest, in this kind of situation—when all the tension, panic, and fear crawl on you—I forced myself to stay calm. We all know that these emotions are always inevitable. They will not bring you any good and the situation would only get more chaotic. Therefore, I tried to calm my nerves and I thought to myself:

“I still have my phone and the battery hasn’t run out yet.”
“Though fewer and fewer, at least there are still some people here.”
“The castle in the moonlight rain looks more romantic than the daytime.”
“It doesn't matter if my whole body is wet since my shirt is already quite transparent. it just only gets a little more transparent. ;)”
“Fortunately, there is no wind, so I will not catch a cold. Also, being washed by super heavy rain? People don’t get this kind of experiences all the time right?”

When the rain finally got smaller, I hurried to the Greek style temple-like building on the opposite side. Standing under the pillars, I started booking an Uber.  Nonetheless, there may be too many people affecting the signal or reserving the cars at the same time. There were two times when the car was approaching, but suddenly it became another car that was still far away... Thirty minutes had I been waiting and three times had I missed the chance of grabbing the car and finally! Finally, I got in the car!

As soon as I got on the car, a very musty smell startled me. Though feeling uncomfortable, I told myself not to pay attention to the smell, because at least I got in the car, the driver was friendly, and all hassles were about to end once reached the accommodation!

As soon as I was in my room, I immediately took a hot shower. Just by the time that I was enjoying myself, the water was no longer warm... I could only comfort myself that it was fine in hot summer days and I was lucky enough to even get to clean myself up.

Washed away the rain and the tiredness, calming myself from fear and anxiety, eventually,  I could let my guards down. Laying on the bed and lifting my legs against the wall, I carefully picked up bits and pieces about what just had happened. I can’t figure out what forced me to calm down, and each scene flashed in my mind were as if battles in a nightmare.

With willpower to suppress the fear inside the heart, returning safely from the stormy mountains of an unfamiliar area, I thanked for everything.
I was grateful that my phone was not wet and dead, the Uber did come, and the driver was a good man.
Unintentionally, I understand my inner muscles have been strengthened again. 🙂




延續之前兩篇 “一個人旅行所培養的能力”,這篇要分享的是『臨危不亂』。

2017年,我到童話世界 “布拉格” 旅遊。山上有座全世界最大的古堡 “布拉格城堡”。我一邊欣賞風景、一邊慢慢爬上山。

古堡外有個很大的廣場,廣場中間正在搭建舞台,我走近一看,喔!原來晚上有紐約 Jazz at Lincoln Center 爵士大樂團捷克愛樂的古典爵士跨界演出。

傍晚的廣場,已擠滿一堆熱情的聽眾。音樂非常棒、氣氛非常高亢,就在一切看似完美時, 突然間,下起了滂沱大雨!!!只見大家鳥獸散,有的躲雨、有的往山下衝... 附近的建築屋簷都很短,沒有太大的遮雨作用。我不敢貿然下山,畢竟天色已晚,又對路不熟,也怕滑倒,只好躲在短短的屋簷,背對著街道,先是背部全濕,接著整個身體也濕透,我唯一保護在角落不能濕透的,就是包包,因為包包裡有手機、行動電源,可以叫Uber 來救我。於是我怎麼樣都不能讓包包淋濕,只能不斷禱告大雨趕快停。說真的不知過了多久,人已越來越少 ... 越來越少 ... 大雨總算一點 ... 一滴 ... 慢慢 ... 變小 ...

全身溼了沒關係,反正我的上衣本來就蠻透明的(濕了只是更透明一點而已) 😉

拿起手機叫 Uber, 可能天氣不好影響訊號或叫車的人太多,有兩次都是眼看車子快到,卻又突然變成另外一輛還在很遠處的車...


一進門,當然先沖個熱水澡。不知為何,水幾分鐘後就不太熱了... 我又告訴自己,沒關係還好是夏天,能洗乾淨就好。
洗淨了雨水、疲憊,平息了害怕、焦慮,終於可以真正放鬆了。抬著腿躺在床上,仔細回想剛剛的一切... 我也搞不清楚是什麼力量使慌亂化為冷靜,腦海中的一幕一幕,彷彿是一場戰鬥的夢...

我感謝手機沒濕、Uber 有來、司機是好人。
我知道內在的肌肉,已神不知鬼不覺地,增加了一塊  🙂


♦ Fashion Style ♦

Necklace: Chanel Coco Crush

Watch: Rolex, Lady DATEJUST 28mm

Nail Polish: Alloya

Outfits: MOMA

Boots: Rudsak

Suitcase Sponsored by: NaSaDen

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March 25, 2019

The New Stage of my Career

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity


Transforming the life experiences of the world-traveling into inspirational elements of the work

My extreme curiosity started at a very young age of mine. Wherever or whatever there is a new place or stuff, I just got to try and experience myself.
In early 2012, a sudden thought came to me out of nowhere---Moving to New York---and I DID! With not much money and without any specific reason, I literally moved there by the end of 2012. I didn’t even know why I should make such a decision like this, perhaps, I was just answering the inner callings from my soul. As my life after moving to New York? Wonderful! There is too much to talk about so I will describe them in another series.

In 2014, I considered that basically, I had collected pretty much about New York, so I applied for a language school in Milan. With the admission and the scholarships, my life in Europe successfully began. Most importantly, thanks to the convenient European railway, my horizon was massively broadened up by the end of 2015, because I was able to explore other cities instead of staying in Milan every day.

Traveling alone

And that was the case, my solo traveling made my “physical” and “mental” world unlimited. I often checked the map and pinned a place, then I was there. After gaining all of these splendid experiences in life, I started to realize that everything just happened so naturally and it was totally not difficult or dangerous as I originally pictured.

Since the end of 2015, I have visited so many beautiful places: Rome, Venice, Turin, Florence, Parma, Lake Como, Paris, Pisa, Lake Lecco, Cremona, London (for two months), Oxford, Stone Henge, Bath, Windsor Castle, Edinburgh, and back to New York three times. And also Los Angeles, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Prague, Budapest, Rome again to perform my album, Siena, Luca, Montréal, San Francisco, Reykjavik, Vienna (twice), Dublin, Amsterdam, Nice, Monaco, and the second and third time in Paris.

There are deeper meanings in solo traveling. It was like “Life training courses” over and over again rather than just sightseeing tours. After visiting countless aesthetic and gorgeous places like palaces, churches and museums, these exquisite, elegant and unique works just omni-directionally fulfilled my cravings, thirst, and passion for art. Those spiritual and divinely masterpieces could always find a way to pound my soul. Nevertheless, the touches and vibrations also significantly imprinted in my body, so that I could utilize them and blend those strong emotions into my musical creations.

I also found and believed that…external traveling would always meet the needs of inner traveling.

A few years ago, what prompted me to advance was the enthusiasm for exploring the world and discovering more possibilities. Fortunately, I used the way to break through and escalate myself. However, as my mind, vision, and thinking patterns continue to expand, I have become an updated and better version of myself.

Started from this year, with all the harvest, I found an inner voice guiding me and I knew that it was time to settle everything down and put my past experience into the work, regardless gained from solo-traveling or those newly-acquired abilities, and continue to generate more creations, firmly and steadily embrace the next level of self-realization!






2012年初,“ 搬去紐約” 一個突如其來的念頭,這完全是個天外飛來一筆的想法,我都搞不清楚為什麼,應該是靈魂想要經歷吧! 而我也真的在 2012 年底搬去了紐約。沒準備很多錢,不知道去了要做什麼,反正去了再說。關於紐約的生活,實在太精彩了,我得另外寫一篇。2014年,覺得在紐約的經驗搜集的差不多了,進而想體驗歐洲,順利申請到語文學校獎學金而搬去米蘭。2015 年底,原本只是覺得在每天待在米蘭無聊,既然歐洲鐵路超方便,那週末不如就到別的城市走走。





一個人旅行並不只是表面的觀光旅遊,其實有著更深層的含義,是一次又一次的 “人生訓練營”。


我發現也深信... 外在旅行,永遠因應內在旅行的需要



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March 22, 2019

The Life-Saver for My Nail: Alloya

BY Amanda Wu / Fashion, Daily Fashion

Alloya is a life-saver which solved my troubles for many years!

I believe that many girls would likewise adore the gorgeous effects of gel nail, but our nails just couldn’t bear those trimming and grinding during the removal. I once had my manicure done in three consecutive months, as a result, my nails turned fragile and sensitive. Even my manicurist warned me that I should let my nails rest for a few months. Actually, after such incidence, I dare not to do any gel nail again, because health is always way more important than anything, right?

However, everything has changed once I knew the special brand: Alloya.
You only need a layer of primer, then coated with a layer of nail gel and put your fingers under the UV lamp. Each finger only takes about 30~60 seconds! Sleek and simple! And when removing the gel, one could easily peel it off with a finger.

If you want your gel nails to stay a little longer, just try not to apply the primer and put on the nail gel directly. When removing, use the exclusive removal sets from Alloya to remove them. Whichever you prefer would all be convenient and healthy, isn't it fabulous?

Recently, I designed the combination of my gel nails with colors of dark blue, dark green, dutch blue, and then coated with silver glitters. The kind of the mysterious charm of the light symbols a sacred and hidden subconscious which is usually difficult to enter. Therefore, I named it "Subconscious Blueprint."

The other set of bright and crystal pink colors is a new color combination that will be launched soon. This kind of bare, transparent, and pure pink is also one of my favorites. I decided to name it “Beautiful Bare Bestie”, you could get the kit with the firsthand launch on 3/18 in Taiwan. I will keep you guys posted, so make sure to follow up. 🙂

Alloya 解決了我多年來的困擾!


直到認識 Alloya 這個特別的品牌,只要上一層底膠,再上指甲膠,接著將手指放在小小的燈下照,每指只要 30 或 60秒,就能自己在家完成光療指甲!
而且卸甲時只要輕輕一摳,即可剝除。若想要維持久一點,可以選擇不要上底膠,直接上指甲膠。卸甲時就用Alloya 專用的卸甲包,即可卸除。


而另一組粉嫩透亮潔淨的粉色系,是即將要上市的新色組合,我也非常喜歡這種粉、裸、透、淨的感覺,所以我稱它為『裸粉瑰密』 可以透過我在台灣時間 3/18日即將開始的團購搶先購買 🙂

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March 16, 2019

Home, Sweet Home

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Fashion, Daily Fashion, Journey, Random Creativity, Taichung City

Home and Inner Child

Starting from the age of 20, most of the time, I have lived abroad. Therefore, the time I spent in Taiwan was not much, and let alone my hometown, Taichung.

After all these years, even though my personality has already been integrated into many westernized thinkings, aesthetics, and behavioral patterns. After all, growing up in Taiwan, spending so many important and critical periods such as childhood and teenagehood here, I still own fresh and genuine memories of my hometown and my childhood. All of the great times are always so profound and they are deeply rooted in my heart.

No matter how much change I have, how far I have gone, and how much I have evolved, my dearest home, Taichung City, can always warm up my innermost feelings. Although not the prettiest, those familiar streets still render me the deepest sense of security.

When I was away from my origin, I got used to building toughness and staying strong for myself all the time. The mask of disguise has overwhelmed my inner personalities, and the inner child, the little girl who only wants to rely on someone else as her wishes, was long gone. However,  every time when I returned home, my childlike innocence came to life again. The little girl has awakened automatically and merged into a part of me. This kind of conversion is a necessity for me --- a moment of precious relaxation that I always cherish and long for.

I love my hometown, treasure my growth, and favor this little girl who needs the familiar air sometimes. They all shaped a better version of myself.
What about your inner child? They may also be eager to find their roots and naively come out and play around!

| 內在小女孩



不論我有了多大的改變、走了多遠、進化了多少,家 台中市,總是能溫暖我心的最深層。熟悉的大街小巷,它們不是最美,卻給我最深的安全感。



♣ Location ♣


♦ Fashion Style ♦

Suitcase Sponsored by: NaSaDen

Outfits: MOMA

Boots: Rudsak

Purse: Balenciaga

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March 13, 2019

The Clothes of Your Nails, Alloya Nail Polish

BY Amanda Wu / Fashion, Daily Fashion


Fashion of Fingertips

When I was living in Manhattan, I found that Manhattan actually had a hidden feature: Nail salons were everywhere!
Manhattan is a melting pot of nationalities. Women from different countries all share one thing in common - the nail cares -
so, nail salons are basically everywhere in the city. It shows that women around the world attach great importance to nails.

A few months ago, I found a brand from the UK called Alloya, and it was a kind of DIY gel nail which could be done easily at home. It could also be removed by gently rubbing it, which was very convenient and did no harm to the nails. There are many colors to choose and the finishing works are spectacular.

Due to time constraints, I like to play with different colors. Besides, in this way, it has resolved the boredom of only wearing a single color and become my personal favorite to sharpen my intuitions of color matching.

I recently created three interesting sets of manicures, naming them:

Delicate Ravishing Red / Willows of Royal Wall / Berry Purple (please see the pics below)

Friends who want to try, please stay tuned, we will launch a group-buying plan for Taiwan on 3/18 !!! Yay !!!

There will also be a preferential combination price and firsthand new colors. 🙂

Just think about playing the Fashion of Fingertips, we can also evoke more health awareness and cultivate our color aesthetics. Isn’t it fabulous? <3

指尖衣著, Alloya 光療指甲膠


幾個月前,接觸來自英國的品牌 Alloya 光療指甲膠,是一種在家就可以自己做的光療,


纖纖紅酥手 / 御牆柳 / 紫月莓

想試試的朋友們,請注意我的團購消息,我們將於 3月18日開放台灣地區團購喔!
到時會有優惠組合價和新色搶先購 🙂

- Delicate Ravishing Red, 纖纖紅酥手 -

- Willows of Royal Wall, 御牆柳 -

- Purple Moon Berry 紫月莓 -


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March 5, 2019

The Ability Developed from Traveling Alone: Flexibility

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Fashion, Daily Fashion, Journey, Random Creativity, Taichung City


Traveling alone is the best chance to exercise your “inner muscles”.


In addition to the “Intuitions” that I have shared before, this time I’m going to talk about the ability to “Flexibility”.

Keep your brain nimble at all times

Anything could happen once you are in an exotic place and nothing is familiar with you. Therefore, this is the moment that calm is your only true friend. Then, you have to play it by ear and try to come up with any possible solution.

I could still recall my adventure of a performance trip to Rome. I had someone arrange my accommodation and the landlady would be my accompany.  However, the person who made the reservation only told me the address before I went on the bus, but the other important detail---the landlord's name---was still missing!

So according to my experience of busing many times in Europe, there will be wifi signals on the bus, I thought maybe I could contact her while transporting. Nonetheless, things went out differently as I originally expected. I spent 20 hours from Budapest to Rome and even had a transit at Croatia, and those two buses I went on had no wifi services at all! What really drove me crazy was not the boredom but the fact of failing to contact anyone at all.

As soon as I arrived in Rome, there was no wifi at the station too. Without hesitation, I still went straight to the accommodation first. Maybe you would wonder why I need the name of the landlord so desperately. Because in Italy, a house number represents a whole building, that is, dozens of households share the same address.
Rome in summer was a lot hotter than Taiwan. With the midday-burning-sun, it was easy for someone to become short-tempered. I told myself that standing here and waiting for someone to get the door was not the solution, so I calmed myself down. Surprisingly, a thought stroke my mind: The landlady knew my name, and I could speak some simple Italian greetings like “Sono Amanda”(I am Amanda)! Then I pressed the doorbell, starting from the first row, as long as someone picked up the phone, I just said "Sono Amanda", so when she heard it, she would open the door for me!

Fortunately, my homestay was actually in the first row, and I immediately found the landlord to get the door for me!

When traveling alone, be sure to stay in a state of “Improvisation”. Calmness is the key of adaptability. Don't panic, don't complain, don't be annoyed, just calm down and many possibilities would suddenly become crystal clear.






除了之前分享過的直覺力之外,這篇要分享的是 “隨機應變” 的能力。



依照我在歐洲坐過許多次 bus 的經驗,bus 上都會有 wifi, 所以就老神在在的想說上 bus 後再問她。結果,我從布達佩斯坐了20 個小時到羅馬,中間還經克羅埃西亞轉車,而這兩班 bus 竟然都沒有 wifi!! 先不說在車上有多無聊了,聯絡不到人才最令我頭痛。

當時是一個炎夏的正中午,我一到門口,心想,總不能一直站在外面,等有人剛好開大門進去吧。夏天的羅馬,比台灣還熱,很容易心浮氣躁。於是,我告訴自己靜下心來,果真靈機一動,突然想到我會講義大利文,義大利文的 “ 我是Amanda = Sono Amanda ”,那我就從第一排門鈴開始按,只要有人接起電話,我就說 “Sono Amanda ”, 因為房東知道我的名字,所以她一聽到,就會幫我開門啦!真幸運,我的民宿其實就在第一排,馬上就找到房東來開門了!

一個人旅行時,一定要保持在能夠 “隨機應變” 的狀態。能隨機應變的關鍵,其實是在於冷靜。


 Style ♦
Scarf: Louis Vuitton
Wallet On Chain: YSL
Suitcase: MJ-BOX
High Heel: minelli
Cellphone Case: RICHMOND & FINCH

Special Thanks to MJ-BOX


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March 1, 2019

The Ability Developed from Traveling Alone: The Power of Intuition

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Journey, Random Creativity


The key point of traveling alone is not just entertainment but life training.


For all these years, I could literally conclude that all my "Solo traveler" journeys are like life training courses. Among all the abilities that I have acquired, there is one which impresses me the most: The Power of Intuition!


When I travel alone, I’ve got no one to talk to, no one to discuss with, and no connection with any passersby around me. I could only be in my own world and rely on my own thoughts. However, this is exactly the best moment to listen to the deepest voice within your heart. And that is, “The Intuition”, which always finds a great balance in the moments of “Tranquility” and “Seclusion”. In fact, intuition gives us guidance all the time, but the messages are often ignored by our self-righteous mind.

Intuition stems from the soul, and the soul travels faster than the brain. In retrospect, is there any circumstance you act without specific reasons?

When your inner-peace merges the soul into one, it will then guide you omni-directionally.


There are countless times that I just roughly referenced the Google Map, and then I let my heart take the lead.
Without any technical support, just intuition, it worked! I could always reach the destination!
In contrast, I often ended up confusing if too much thinking overwhelmed me and if I only follow my phone with the directions on Google Map.

Let go of the shackles of shallow consciousness! Connect with your soul and let your heart guide you. After doing so, you will find that you are more powerful than you think! As long as you reach your true inner-peace, this amazing intuition will await you to believe in it completely, trigger it fearlessly!








一個人旅行,沒有人跟我說話、沒有人給我意見,跟身旁的路人沒有連結,只能完完全全地活在自己的思考裡、自己的世界中。而這種 “靜” ,這種 “隔絕”,就是聽到心底的聲音的最佳時刻,也就是直覺。其實直覺常常在給我們很多指引,只是我們常常被自以為是的大腦所左右,而忽略直覺的訊息。




有好多次,我在心裡設定目的地,大略在 google map 上看個大方向,然後放下手機,憑直覺向左轉向右轉... 而真的,就這樣走到了。
依賴著 google map, 反而多繞了幾圈,因為太多的思考,反而更加困惑。



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February 3, 2019

New Year's Plan

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity

Time flies. Another end of the year has come. So, how was your 2018?

Appreciate the completed tasks, then focus on future scheduled plans.


At every end of each year, I always spend time making new year resolutions. And I believe that many people will likewise do the same just like me.

Apart from making new plans, I also examine the goals I have completed, and recalled the great moments of the year.

While admiring the fruity outcomes, how can I forget to keep upholding the spirit of continuous self-elevation?

So, I will set some objectives for myself and they are usually divided into seven categories:

Health, Work, Relationships, Romance, Emotion, Spiritual growth, and Travel.

Here you go!  I am sharing my version with you.

Health: Keep the habit of going to the gym.

Work: Continue composing music.

General relationship: Take initiative to contact my friends.

Romance: No need to waste time on guys who is not gonna be my future partner.

Emotion: Think from another perspective before making any reactions.

Spiritual growth: Timing is everything.

Travel: Visit some island and resorts.

Just write down your thoughts and sort them out with a clear list.

You will be amazed that the messy idea in your head will suddenly become crystal clear at a glance!

Our journey on earth is a precious experience. We come here to learn, feel, create, give and receive.

I like to review my annual improvements and refinement every year. By achieving goals one after another, I lead a wonderful and meaningful life.

"Appreciate the completed tasks, then focus on future scheduled plans.” 🙂





















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December 23, 2018

Make Birthday Wishes

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity


May all our birthday wishes come true


My birthday is only two days away from Christmas, so every year I can immerse in the joy of Christmas and the coming of the New Year. During this wonderful time, I will be energized with brand new energy and ready for the new beginning!

My old time habit is to examine my own growth and efforts during the year on my birthday. I would list all the progress I have made at work and the spiritual growth I have gained this year.

I thank myself for fulfilling every day, every moment and leave no regrets. After giving myself an approving smile, I would think of three birthday wishes and I sincerely wish them will all come true.

How do you spend your birthday?


This year I chose to come to Monaco, a small and wealthy country in the Mediterranean. There is no any special intention. Instead, I just want to see what kind of heartwarming surprise I will get in the paradise of the richness! That’s right! A "birthday surprise" is exactly what I want. 🙂

Every birthday we grow older. So... Are you afraid of getting old?


We all get old, and it is understandable that most people are afraid of getting old. However, my point of view may be very contradicting to others.

Perhaps I take the journey on Earth to some extent quite seriously. Every day I motivate myself, and every day I am experiencing different things. I never stop absorbing new knowledge and lifting myself!

Constantly refining myself inward and outward and tripping misconceptions and shackles are exactly what I adore. Step by step, with a fearless spirit, I have metamorphosed into the best version of myself. And of course, in order to be as perfect as possible, we would need the assistance of life experiences and time. Eventually, the “inner muscles” will get stronger and stronger. These precious “inner gyms experiences” are the outcomes of the fleeting time!

All in all, just be grateful for all your encounters and appreciate all the efforts you made along the way.

On this very special day, make sincere wishes with positive vibes, and be sure to deeply believe that all the birthday wishes will COME TRUE! <3



願生日願望 都能實現






今年我選擇來到地中海的富豪小國摩納哥。沒有特定的目的,只是想看看在富人的天堂裡,我會得到什麼驚喜!對,我想要就是一個 “生日驚喜” 🙂

生日過了等於長了一歲。而... 你怕老嗎??


這些珍貴的 “內在健身房” 體驗,正是歲月流逝所沈澱下來的養分、是一種靈魂的進化!


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