February 3, 2019

New Year's Plan

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity

Time flies. Another end of the year has come. So, how was your 2018?

Appreciate the completed tasks, then focus on future scheduled plans.


At every end of each year, I always spend time making new year resolutions. And I believe that many people will likewise do the same just like me.

Apart from making new plans, I also examine the goals I have completed, and recalled the great moments of the year.

While admiring the fruity outcomes, how can I forget to keep upholding the spirit of continuous self-elevation?

So, I will set some objectives for myself and they are usually divided into seven categories:

Health, Work, Relationships, Romance, Emotion, Spiritual growth, and Travel.

Here you go!  I am sharing my version with you.

Health: Keep the habit of going to the gym.

Work: Continue composing music.

General relationship: Take initiative to contact my friends.

Romance: No need to waste time on guys who is not gonna be my future partner.

Emotion: Think from another perspective before making any reactions.

Spiritual growth: Timing is everything.

Travel: Visit some island and resorts.

Just write down your thoughts and sort them out with a clear list.

You will be amazed that the messy idea in your head will suddenly become crystal clear at a glance!

Our journey on earth is a precious experience. We come here to learn, feel, create, give and receive.

I like to review my annual improvements and refinement every year. By achieving goals one after another, I lead a wonderful and meaningful life.

"Appreciate the completed tasks, then focus on future scheduled plans.” 🙂





















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January 18, 2019

Fashion with Autumn Leaves

BY Amanda Wu / Fashion, Daily Fashion


Only classic goes beyond classic: Maple leaves.


When the leaves turn fairy-red and brown, we would know that another great year shall be gone.
Compared to the vivid green in spring, the autumn red is more delicate and restrained.

The playful and childlike innocence of any traveler would certainly be triggered in this marvelous maple season. However, when you dig deeper into your heart, one would find out that it is actually a sense of tranquility hiding beneath the excitement from the appearance. Staring at those green, yellow, and red colors weaving together, immediately, I fell into an indescribable intoxication.

The whole mountain is just like a large piece of canvas, and our Creator can enjoy painting every colorful wonder.
In order to indulge in the atmosphere and match the magnificent autumn leaves, I put on a dress in polka dot from iRoo, a leather jacket from Rudsak, a Balenciaga Town bag and carried a vintage suitcase. I think this outfit truly represented the beauty of nature.

Our lives on this miraculous planet- Earth, are just like journeys. So make sure we collect all the bits and pieces of those jubilant memories and remember to treasure them in our hearts.







我用 iRoo 點點洋裝、Rudsak 皮衣、Balenciaga Town bag 和復古行李箱這套穿搭,來呼應多層次的美麗秋葉、呼應大自然的萬種風情。

地球生活是一趟旅行,我們要仔細收藏旅行中的點滴 🙂

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January 6, 2019

Fashion in the Mountain

BY Amanda Wu / Fashion, Daily Fashion


The nature is like a canvas with an all-embracing manner.

I continued my last article about “Fashion in the Forest”, and went further into the mountain. Nature demonstrated the most fabulous welcome with a dense forest and fallen leaves far and near. The scene completely caught my breath...Its utmost beauty was fresh, pure, lighthearted, and even got a sense of childlike innocence.

The great nature is just like a canvas with an all-embracing manner. We can free ourselves here and show our attitudes as our wishes.

How to deal with freezing weather while looking stylish? Here was my outfit of the day: I put on a warm rabbit fur vest and a one-piece dress in floral print from MOMA, a fashion brand from Taiwan that I buy almost every year.

To match my look, I paired with the super eye-catching red GUCCI Padlock and the Canadian brand L’intervalle’s patent leather boots. As my gel manicure, I chose to go with the Alloya dark cyan nail gel.

I stepped on the fallen leaves, accompanied with the rustle of breeze and trees. I awoke my inner little girl, connected excitedly with nature, and posed spontaneously. Just like playing jazz improvisation, every posture truly reflected the feelings of that moment! 

There were no bondage, coyness, and modification. I called it: The improvisation of Modeling 😉 

What a wonderful morning! Again, unexpectedly, I was elevated both physically and mentally by every surprising detail of my music career and my another career role as a blogger.

How cheerful it is to share all the surprises I have experienced and the progress I have achieved! Most importantly, I get to share everything I love with you guys. To me, this is indeed a holy blessing.




延續之前的 Fashion in the Forest, 我往更山裡走去。

哇!一大片的樹林與滿地的落葉!好美好美 ... 是一種清新的美,一種淨化塵世憂慮的美,還有一種童心未泯的美。


我穿上幾乎每年必買的台灣品牌 MOMA 保暖的兔毛背心和小花長洋裝來抵禦寒冷。配上超吸睛的紅色 GUCCI 鍊包 Padlock 以及加拿大品牌 L’intervalle 漆皮短靴,再搭上 Alloya 深藍綠色光療指甲膠。


真是一個美好的早晨!我的音樂、部落格工作的每個環節總帶給我許多意外的驚喜、意外的身心靈提升。而我就是熱愛把感受到的驚喜與不斷的自我提升,與你們分享 <3    


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December 27, 2018

Make Birthday Wishes

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity


May all our birthday wishes come true


My birthday is only two days away from Christmas, so every year I can immerse in the joy of Christmas and the coming of the New Year. During this wonderful time, I will be energized with brand new energy and ready for the new beginning!

My old time habit is to examine my own growth and efforts during the year on my birthday. I would list all the progress I have made at work and the spiritual growth I have gained this year.

I thank myself for fulfilling every day, every moment and leave no regrets. After giving myself an approving smile, I would think of three birthday wishes and I sincerely wish them will all come true.

How do you spend your birthday?


This year I chose to come to Monaco, a small and wealthy country in the Mediterranean. There is no any special intention. Instead, I just want to see what kind of heartwarming surprise I will get in the paradise of the richness! That’s right! A "birthday surprise" is exactly what I want. 🙂

Every birthday we grow older. So... Are you afraid of getting old?


We all get old, and it is understandable that most people are afraid of getting old. However, my point of view may be very contradicting to others.

Perhaps I take the journey on Earth to some extent quite seriously. Every day I motivate myself, and every day I am experiencing different things. I never stop absorbing new knowledge and lifting myself!

Constantly refining myself inward and outward and tripping misconceptions and shackles are exactly what I adore. Step by step, with a fearless spirit, I have metamorphosed into the best version of myself. And of course, in order to be as perfect as possible, we would need the assistance of life experiences and time. Eventually, the “inner muscles” will get stronger and stronger. These precious “inner gyms experiences” are the outcomes of the fleeting time!

All in all, just be grateful for all your encounters and appreciate all the efforts you made along the way.

On this very special day, make sincere wishes with positive vibes, and be sure to deeply believe that all the birthday wishes will COME TRUE! <3



願生日願望 都能實現






今年我選擇來到地中海的富豪小國摩納哥。沒有特定的目的,只是想看看在富人的天堂裡,我會得到什麼驚喜!對,我想要就是一個 “生日驚喜” 🙂

生日過了等於長了一歲。而... 你怕老嗎??


這些珍貴的 “內在健身房” 體驗,正是歲月流逝所沈澱下來的養分、是一種靈魂的進化!


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December 17, 2018

Solo Traveler: A visit of Bosendorfer, Vienna, Austria.

BY Amanda Wu / Music, Video, Europe, Austria

I came to Vienna just to pick my destined piano.


This is my second visit to Vienna. Fleeting time left only blur memories of my first visit of Vienna.
That year I was 15, performing with the NTSO International Youth Orchestra together.
At that time, the itinerary was very busy. We had to rush everything like the rehearsal, performance, and I even had to do sightseeing with my heavy backpack and oboe. However, this time I came to Vienna for one simple reason: To visit the famous Bosendorfer factory and to pick my destined piano at the exhibition.

The Bosendorfer staff arranged a taxi for me. It took about an hour to the factory in the suburbs. There were various models in the exhibition hall and even some limited-edition pianos with special features. Words could not describe how excited and contented I was! Among them, I adore the VC (Vienna Concert) series the most.

Its heavenly timbre was both thick and translucent. I was immediately enchanted by it, and couldn’t help but kept playing. My feelings were beyond descriptions, and I felt like I was in a music paradise and completed integrated with the piano. It was this exquisite and magnificent sound, which just met the needs for me to play classical, jazz, original and other diverse styles. I just wished that I could play all day there! As for which beauty I should buy, I think I probably have an answer already.

Here’s a clip that I played a short section of the Concerto in F major by George Gershwin with the 9-inch VC280.

Vienna is the musical capital of the world. There were many concert halls and music museums in the city. I visited the Mozarthaus Vienna, the Haus der musik (a music museum), the concert hall on Beethovengang, and a chamber music concert of a member who is in the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

I also went to the boutique area next to Stephen's Cathedral to buy Gucci Padlock, took a sightseeing bus around the city and the Danube, tasted the time-honored figlmuller pork cutlet, and the Ribs of Vienna. What’s more, I went especially to the restaurant Luftburg, which is in the amusement park, Prater. The combination of the humongous fried pork knuckles and the Radler mit Almdudler beer was really superb! Now I would like to leave a new comment about Vienna: In addition to art, pork dishes are also of great reputations. 😉

This incredible journey greatly satisfied my body and soul! However, looking at the great differences between pre-war and post-war architectures, I was like a bowl of a mush, sentimental thoughts just kept crossing my mind inevitably….

I reminisced the past and this beautiful place… Countless musicians were once inspired, and tens of thousands of great music pieces were created here. Let alone the splendid glory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was once so victorious. Despite ruthless wars and changes in time had made huge differences to the city, yet the greatness of the past would still deeply reside in the bottom of our hearts.




第二次來到維也納了。第一次是15歲時隨著國台交青少年管弦樂團來表演。當時行程很趕,彩排、演出、觀光,身上除了背包還要背雙簧管,而時間轉眼就過去,並沒留下太深刻印象。而這次的主要目的,是參觀名琴 Bosendorfer 工廠,以及到展場挑琴。

Bosendorfer人員幫我安排計程車,搭一小時來到郊區的工廠。展場裡陳列各種型號,也有一些特殊外型的限量琴,很難形容內心的興奮與震撼!其中我最愛 VC (Vienna Concert) 系列。它既厚實又具透亮度,完全正中我心,一彈便停不下來,宛如置身天堂,跟鋼琴間有種說不出的契合!就是這精緻宏亮的音色,正好滿足我彈古典、爵士、原創等多樣風格的需求。好想彈一整天不要離開!至於要購買哪一台,心裡大概有了底。我彈 9呎的 VC280,錄了一小段蓋西文 F major piano concerto 精彩片段。

維也納是古典音樂的重鎮,市區有許多音樂廳和音樂家博物館。我參觀了莫札特故居Haus der musik (音樂博物館)、到貝多芬大道上的音樂廳,聽維也納愛樂團員的室內樂音樂會。也到史蒂芬大教堂旁的精品區買 Gucci Padlock 、搭觀光巴士繞整個城市及多瑙河、 吃老字號 figlmuller 炸豬排、和 Ribs of Vienna、特地去地標遊樂園 Prater 裡的餐廳 Luftburg,大啖不可思議之巨大的炸豬腳!配上Radler mit Almdudler 啤酒,真的超道地!我的新心得是:維也納除了藝術之外,豬料理也俱相當地位 😉



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November 29, 2018

Fashion in the Forest

BY Amanda Wu / Fashion, Daily Fashion


Let the great nature be the fashion catwalk for you to shine


To me, fashion is a kind of mindset and a kind of attitude. Who says that fashion only appears on a modern boulevard or a chic dining bar? I believe that fashion is ubiquitous, so of course, it could also be in nature. 🙂

The craving of binding with nature is a gifted human blessing. Imagine a wonderful and sophisticated balance of a mountain and a forest coexist in a mega city. The imagination did come to life at “Montreal”, an English-French bilingual city which is located in the east of Canada. Its unique terrain is an art shaped by the great nature.

The autumn chili air has swept the east-Canada already, and the temperature usually sways from 0 to 10 Celsius.

At a glimmering dawn, I sensed an indistinct summon from the Mount Royal. After conquering the fatigue resulted from coldness, I opened my eyes, arose to get ready, and headed to the downtown city.

Strolling in the woods, enjoying a forest bath, and admiring the tree leaves laying one after another were utmost therapeutic activities that I could ever imagine in the late autumn. With the greenly-yellowish hues and relaxing atmosphere, together they weaved into a tenderness that soothed and calmed my heart.

Every time when I go out, I usually go with a simpler style and would only bring a few necessary items with me. In order to fit my credit cards, phone, keys, lipsticks, eyebrow pencil, and pressed powder, CHANEL Wallet On Chain is undoubtedly my everyday-must-have.

Regarding the outwear, I chose to go with a wool fur coat from Mackage - a fashion brand known for making warm and beautiful winter coats/parkas. It perfectly prevented me from suffering chilliness, and I was able to engage and bond with nature physically and mentally. Immersing in the energy which nature emitted allowed me to pardon myself from intricate ideas and my non-stop itinerary temporarily.

Appreciated by the deciduous fading of the land, and the lush foliage of the ornamental branches, I felt complete again. This unremitting cycle of life touched me and brought me a deep inner awakening. At such wonderful dawn in late autumn, my fashion and spirit coexisted in Mount Royal.




時尚一定要在都會區的大道,或時髦的餐廳酒吧嗎?我覺得時尚是一種心態,更是一種姿態。時尚無所不在,當然也可以在大自然 🙂

人天生有與大自然連結的渴求,若在一座大城市的是市中心有座山、有樹林,那是多麽棒的平衡啊!而加拿大東部的英法雙語大城 “蒙特婁” 就幸運地有這樣的地形結構。

加東的秋天,氣溫已非常低,介於攝氏10度至0度間。在深秋的一個清晨,我硬是睜開因寒冷而倦累的雙眼,來到市區的皇家山。在樹林裡散步、看著樹葉黃綠層層柔和的交疊、並大口吸入芬多精,是深秋裡最好的放鬆!我出門向來很精簡,只攜帶一定必須的東西(信用卡、手機、鑰匙、唇彩、眉筆、粉餅)所以 CHANEL Wallet On Chain 是每天出門的最好選擇!而時尚大衣品牌 Mackage 羊毛皮草大衣給了我充足的溫暖,讓我毋須對抗寒意,只管將心思毫無保留交予大自然,與它連結,沁取它的能量來沈澱頭腦裡不斷竄動的各式各樣想法、以及停不下來的排程與計畫。欣賞一地落葉凋零的枯絕、觀賞枝上樹葉繁茂的嬌豔,深秋的這樣一個清晨,我帶著我的時尚,在皇家山裡,得到內在深層的甦醒,心底滿是無限感激!

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November 23, 2018

Late Autumn | By Collecting myself, I Found Tranquility.

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity

It goes without saying that there is nothing more unchanging than change. The same idea did reflect on my ever-changing life. Evolutions and alterations are always happening. Do you feel the same way as I do?

I always know that there is a deep and profound curiosity lies at the heart of my spiritual impulse. It triggers me to travel and explore the world ceaselessly. With every journey of explorations, I am able to capture breathtaking views and enrich my inner self.
Throwback 2018, there were so many wonderful places that I have been to. For example, New York, twice. One was a refreshing treat for myself and the other was an invitation to a Cirque du Soleil premiere. Iceland, I remembered that I was soaking in the amazing Blue Lagoon and taking the boat trying to meet with divinely aurora. Vienna, a visit to a premium piano brand “Bosendorfer” factory. Taiwan, a great performance of mine was held there. And so many other places like Dublin and the Cliffs of Moher in West Ireland, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, Amsterdam...

I guess traveling on my own has become another expertise of mine. A scenario of my curiosity travels faster than my mind would be like: Open the Google map, and feel like going somewhere. Next up, with no special intention, the trip is booked! True story. By traveling alone, I can enjoy the fruity freedom, however, it is never an easy task. Instead of calling it “traveling”, I would rather regard it as a “training for life.”

With regards to my inner journey: After I turned 35, I found myself addicted to perfectionism. My self-discipline rendered me to take personal training lessons and control my diet consciously. In addition, in order to elevate my career, for the first time, I tried to be a businesswoman by recruiting a team, re-designing my blog, and started learning photography. Last but not least, I never stop composing music.

Deep down in my soul, there are cravings for elevation and changes, in order to respond the callings, I try my best to bring out all the gifted talents and make everything pitch perfect. However, since these changes require lots of energy, at times I forget to take a break from the great sense of achievements. Therefore, in this chilly autumn, my tiredness and all the accumulated tenses just completely broke out. In this case, I had no choice but to slow down my pace and thoughts. Sometimes I tidied up the house casually, and sometimes I would just be a couch potato or admire the peaceful scenery from my floor windows. After all of this, I learned how to listen carefully to the needs of the body, and avoid overloading my body and mind.

Late autumn is always the best season to slow down our paces and collect ourselves again. The chilly air will cool down all the burning desire, and the dark nights will clear up our miscellaneous thoughts.

It is time to slow down, face the callings of your body, and walk yourself through all the achievements of the year. In this late autumn, I truly wish everyone to find an inner-tranquility, just like refreshing yourself after a sweaty yoga.


深秋 |沈澱



回顧這一年,外在的旅程:紐約兩次(一次去散心、另一次受太陽劇團邀請,觀賞新戲首映)、冰島泡藍湖溫泉看極光、維也納參觀 Bosendorfer 鋼琴工廠、回台灣表演、都柏林與愛爾蘭西部莫赫斷崖、多倫多、渥太華、魁北克、阿姆斯特丹。一個人旅遊已成為我的另一項專長,常常打開地圖,突然有感覺想去哪,也不知道為什麼要去,但下一秒就訂機票了 😉 真的,靈魂總是跑得比大腦快!一個人旅遊是很自由,但可一點也不輕鬆,與其說它是旅遊,我會說它是種..人生的鍛鍊。



你是不是也該慢下來傾聽身體的需要?沈澱一年下來的累積呢?願深秋帶給你的,是做完瑜珈後的大休息 🙂

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November 12, 2018

The Interview with the Artistic Talent Scout of Cirque Du Soleil

BY Amanda Wu / Music, Idea, Interviews

An amazing afternoon visiting the international headquarter and interviewing the artistic talent scout, Claude Vendette!


One day, I all of the sudden had an idea…Since I interview people for the content of my blog, why not interviewing the talent scout of Cirque Du Soleil ? Therefore, I wrote an email to them. A few days after, Cirque Du Soleil responded me that… usually they don’t accept personal media (like bloggers) to interview them. However, since I am the selected performer, so they accepted my request and invited me to the interview!!

Read More »

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November 9, 2018


BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity


The Exciting Moments


With all the excitements and good vibes, I am honored and happy to announce that the brand new AMANDA YIYEN blog is officially out now!
During the past few months , I have spend time collecting my thoughts and try to make them into practices. With a new branding strategy, I delicately redesigned the blog and I am glad to share my exquisite presentation with you! The spirit of insisting in details did grow on me long ago. Therefore, apart from writing music, shaping fashion styles, and designing my album cover, how would I let slip the great chance of designing my own website 😉


With the completion of the project, I would like to give a big applause to my web engineer. From great changes to the last finishing touches, my fantasy and ideas have been perfectly generated and realized into a masterpiece. "Music", "Fashion", "Idea", and "Journey" are four major themes in my blog. With an eye to make readers to have a better experience, the newer version of the site is designed with clearer classifications and simpler templates. The pure and classy design presents an visual authenticity, avoiding all the messy elements and other sensation that might distract you. Upholding the concept of "less is more", and “sleek simplicity,” the presentation allows readers to throw themselves entirely into my articles 🙂


In addition, here is another great announcement to be made. Apart from the existing “Music store” , I would like to shout out for the grand opening of my “Online courses” and “Fashion store”. The online courses include “Music lessons” and “Lifestyle design courses”. The music lessons will be implemented with 1-on-1 online tutoring. On the other hand, the lifestyle design courses, one could either choose for 1-on-1 online tutoring or pre-recorded online tutorials. By doing so, we could break the boundaries of borders and enjoy these courses at any place any time!


Last but not-least, the brand new “Fashion store” is another highlight which excites me. There are three major categories in the store: women, men, and home. Each category truly owns an unique taste to itself, and the classifications of each genre are also well organized. The clothes and fine goods are all chosen from my exclusive fashion perspectives. Readers who appreciate my personal style would definitely adore the products I chose and recommend, and I sincerely wish everyone a pleasant shopping experience. Here I give you the warmest welcome and please enjoy my brand new blog!
If you have any opinion or thoughts, please leave your comments, your comments mean a lot to me! Looking forward to communicating with you 🙂



帶著滿滿興奮的能量,要正式地向大家宣佈,AMANDA YIYEN 全新部落格已正式上線!

經過了幾個月的時間沈澱自己、確立品牌方向、重新設計部落格,現在很開心地,將我精心設計的新部落格呈現給大家。『音樂』 『時尚』『想法』『旅行』是我部落格的四大主題。堅持什麼都自己創作的我,除了創作音樂、穿搭風格、設計專輯封面外,部落格當然也要自己設計!感謝工程師這幾個月來的大修微調,完美地將我的夢幻想法化真實的呈現。新版的分類更清楚、版型更簡約,讓大家一目瞭然。視覺上很純淨,避開所有可能讓你分心的元素,以及過多視覺刺激的雜亂。而我希望呈現的,就是『少即是多』、『簡約俐落』的概念,讓大家能專注地將內容完整看完。

除此之外,還要很開心的跟大家宣布,除了之前就有的音樂商店外,現在我開設了『線上課程』『時尚商店』。課程部份有『音樂課程』『人生設計課程』。『音樂課程』是一對一的視訊上課,『人生設計課程』有一對一視訊或影片式教學兩種選擇。無論我在哪個國家,大家都可以輕鬆找我上課!另外還有令人興奮的『時尚商店』! 裡面全都是我精心挑選的商品,相信喜歡我風格的朋友,也會信任我的眼光與推薦。有女性男性家飾三大類,商品各類細項也分得很清楚,相信大家可以逛的很舒服!更歡迎常來逛逛!

有任何意見或想法,都可以隨時留言給我!期待與大家的交流 🙂

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October 29, 2018

The 4 Elements You Need for your Journey on Earth

BY Amanda Wu / Idea, Random Creativity

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