December 2, 2016

香港,無可抵擋。Hong Kong, Irresistible

作品名稱:「沐浴,在高跟鞋」 "When the High Heel Becomes Bathtub"

The world's epitome with irresistible charm

迷戀,仍舊 Obsession, Still

對於香港,一直有種情懷...從小生長在港星大舉攻台、香港演藝圈的Golden Era, 大概自小學三年級開始,就很喜歡聽廣東歌,也開始迷偶像。回想起來,我的偶像大概有95%都是港星!總覺得香港男星很Man很有型,譬如:鄭伊健、黎明。 女星有種大女人都會俐落的風姿綽約,譬如:鄭秀文、李嘉欣。不同於台灣社會較為保守的封閉,以及偏向日系的審美觀,香港既留住中國的根又充滿著西化的開放氛圍,即便我當時只是個小學生,卻已非常嚮往這種無可抵擋的魅力!

Somewhere deep down in my heart, I always have some special feelings to Hong Kong...
When I was a child, it was the Golden Era for the entertainment industry of Hong Kong. Around the 3rd grade, I started to listen to Cantonese pop songs and feel some obsessions to some idols. Actually, there are 95% of my idols are Hong Kong stars! Just feel that HK guys are so "Man" and stylish, such as Ekin Cheng and Leo Lai. HK women are powerfully gorgeous, such as Sammi Cheng and Michele Lee.The society of Taiwan is somehow more conservative and close. The esthetics are more towards to Japanese. Hong Kong is a place that holds the root of authentic Chinese culture and westernized at the same time. Even if I was just a student in elementary school, I already felt that irresistible charm!

記得國小時,週末的娛樂之一,是要求媽媽帶我去錄影帶店,租一堆港片,其實劇情不是最重要,重點是想看帥哥美女。默默觀察女星的長相和造型,偷偷幻想長大變成女港星的樣子 😉 而也是從國小時期,就開始學唱很多廣東歌,於是到KTV大唱廣東歌成了我高中~20幾歲這段日子最大的情感發洩娛樂。第一次去香港,是國中二年級的暑假跟媽媽自助旅行三天。但三天行程真是匆匆,依稀記得在小小的土地上,擠著好多的美食和景點,已經去了些必去的景點:海洋公園、太平山、銅鑼灣,也吃了道地茶餐廳,但總覺得還有好多寶沒挖完!而這麼一晃就是十幾年。。。

Remember...one of my favorite entertainment is to ask my mother to drive me to the Video store and rent some HK movies.The stories are not that important actually because what I really cared was the handsome actors and beautiful women. I often observed the look and style of the actress and started to imagine that I want to look like them when growing up 😉 Also in the period of elementary school, I started to learn lots of Cantonese songs. Singing Cantonese songs had become the most important entertainment to express my emotions since senior high school until twenties. When I was 14 years old, it was the first time that I travelled to HK with my mother. We spent 3 days there, but it was definitely not enough time. We had been to many important tourist attractions, such as OceanPark, Victoria Peak and Causeway Bay, but still feel there were so much more treasure that we did get the chance to discover...Until many years later...

Pause the reality, Get into the Peaceful World of Cultural Creativity and Esthetics

2010 年五月,與 國家交響樂團 和義大利國寶歌神:波伽利 Andrea Bocelli 一起在 香港會展中心演出 。再度踏上香港的土地,此時,因政局、因時空背景,許多事已物換星移...已不復存在... 但不變的是那股世界縮影的精彩,那種麻雀雖小五臟俱全的「濃縮」特質!在那次演出後,陸陸續續還跟創作歌手王若琳一起去商演好多次,其中包括了2012年的亞太影展。2016年三月底,部落格正式開張,因為跨足文創產業,所以決定再次探訪正在積極開發拓展文創產業的香港。2016年的我,已累積了許多在歐洲獨自旅行的經驗 = 充滿著找尋獨特角落的探險精神。獨自旅行時,正好是換角色當起攝影師的好時機,心無旁騖地專心捕捉這些因感動了我,進而想與大家分享的畫面 🙂

In May 2010, I had a tour performance with the famous Italian singer Andrea Bocelli and National Symphony Orchestra in HKCEC . This time, because of the change of the politics and era, many things has changed or no longer existing. However, there are still some things that will never gonna change...these are the charm of being the epitome and compression of the world! After the performance, I continuously went there for tour performances many times with a singer-songwriter, Joanna Wang, including the Asia Pacific Film Festival in 2012. In March 2016, I officially launched this blog. Because industry of cultural creativity in HK is now really growing and the content of this blog is also related to this industry, I decided to visit HK again. Now, I have become an experienced alone-traveller after so many times traveling alone in Europe, so it means I am full of adventurous energy to explore the unique spots in the city! When traveling alone, it is the best time to change the role to be a photographer. Without any distractions, it allowed me to really focus capturing the pictures that I would love to share with you. 🙂

作品名稱:「魅力建築,是最好的時空隧道」"The Irresistible Architecture is the Best Time Tunnel"
PMQ 元創方 :已是三級古蹟的PMQ, 曾為國父唸書的中央書院,之後改為已婚警察宿舍,現在是文創基地。

作品名稱:「老軀殼的新靈魂」"The Old Shell with the New Soul"

PMQ 元創方 2.

作品名稱:「人要衣裝、佛要金裝、物要包裝」"Dress-up, Decoration, Packaging"

PMQ 元創方 3.

作品名稱:「基地」"The Base"

和昌大押,以前是當舖,現在一樓是設計感十足的家具店,二樓以上是西式餐廳酒吧: The Prawn

作品名稱:「過去它不一定會過去」"When the past is somehow still there"


作品名稱:「驚艷,始於衝突矛盾中」"The Spectacular Contradiction"

孫中山紀念館 。國父孫中山是最有深度的帥哥,也是我心中最深的敬愛。他絕對是上天派來的地球特派員,上天賦予了他眾多才華,讓他身處恰當時機,來執行革命這項天職!
作品名稱:「永遠的敬愛」" Never Ending Respect "

作品名稱:「當傳統食材披上創意吃法」" When the tradition meets the creativity "

作品名稱:「為了生計,總是匆匆」"Live, Survive, Hurry up"


作品名稱:「生活在高空」"Life in the sky"



ƒ Related Music ƒ
當世界名曲 “給愛麗絲” 的旋律,套上電子舞曲的節奏。明顯地試著用老旋律與聽眾的心共振,用電子舞曲節奏勾起你狂放的神經!

Photo by: Amanda Wu 吳苡嫣
Hong Kong
Date: May, 2016

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