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August 1, 2019 By Amanda Wu

The Honorable Memory, Singapore

Our glorious accomplishments will stay with us eternally.

Oh, Singapore! I could always recollect the touching moments and thrilling excitements!!!

At the age of eight, I participated in the Sino-Japanese Junior Composition Competition held by YAMAHA. I was lucky enough to be in the finals and had several concert tours in Taiwan. What’s more, fortunately, I was selected as the representative of Taiwan and headed to Singapore to participate in the first Asian Oceanic Junior Original Concert, performing our own originals with representatives of the other six countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. We were all ranging from seven to sixteen years old. My original piece was called "Happy Holidays", an ensemble of piano and electronic organ. I was playing the piano and a school older sister was playing the electronic organ. During the concert, in addition to the performances of the representatives of all countries, there was also a collaborated song which we all played in it. It is the most famous folk song from each country, and someone did the arrangement to make it a suite of these 7 folk songs. Among the representatives of all countries, I was the youngest. Sitting on the piano chair, I couldn’t even reach the ground! In the suite of the 7 folk songs, I was playing the tambourine along with the representative from Thailand.

A week before the concert, we arrived in Singapore and stayed in the popular five-star Pan Pacific Hotel . The organizer arranged a series of itineraries. On the first day, we had an international press conference. In front of each country's representatives, a national flag of our own country was placed. It was remarkably a moment of glorious honor! After that, every day, there were courses and training programs of piano, as well as various exchanging events. The day before the performance, I went to the Botanical Garden to do an interview from the Asahi TV station. Reminiscing the photo and looking at myself accepting the interview, I would always be moved to tears! After the show, we had a tour around Singapore. We visited the Merlion, Sentosa, and had a farewell dinner party. Everyone signed a small pamphlet which was just like the "Graduation book", leaving marks for our treasures encounters.


八歲時因參加 YAMAHA 舉辦的中日兒童創作曲比賽,很幸運的入圍到決賽,不僅在台灣巡迴表演,更幸運的是,我被遴選為台灣代表,代表台灣前往新加坡參加第一屆亞太兒童創作曲發表會(AOJOC: Asian Oceanic Junior Original Concert) 與其他六國代表一起演出創作曲。參與國家有:新加坡、馬來西亞、泰國、日本、印尼、澳洲,加上台灣共七國。年紀則從七歲至十六歲。那年我的曲名為 “愉快的假期”,是首鋼琴與電子琴的合奏曲。我彈鋼琴、一位學姊彈電子琴。發表會上,除了各國代表各自表演創作曲外,最後還有一首是大家一起演出七國民謠組曲。各國代表中,我年紀最小,坐上鋼琴椅,腳都還踩不到地呢!在七國民謠組曲中,跟年紀大我一歲的泰國代表,一起擔任打鈴鼓的角色。

在發表會前一星期,我們到達新加坡,住在當年火紅的五星級泛太平洋酒店。大會準備了一連串的行程,第一天就開了國際記者會,我們每國代表面前,都放著自己國家的國旗,那真的是極為榮譽的時刻!接著每天都有練琴、受訓的課程,還有參加各式各樣的交流晚會。表演前一天,我到植物園接受朝日電視台記者訪問,現在翻起照片,看著自己稚嫩的小臉,接受記者阿姨的訪問,每次看都會飆出感動得眼淚!演出完隔天,是旅遊行程,我們參觀魚尾獅、聖淘沙、晚餐則是再見晚會。 大家互簽像畢業紀念冊的小本本,為這個難得的交會,留下印證。


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