November 23, 2018 By Amanda Wu

Late Autumn | By Collecting myself, I Found Tranquility.

It goes without saying that there is nothing more unchanging than change. The same idea did reflect on my ever-changing life. Evolutions and alterations are always happening. Do you feel the same way as I do?


I always know that there is a deep and profound curiosity lies at the heart of my spiritual impulse. It triggers me to travel and explore the world ceaselessly. With every journey of explorations, I am able to capture breathtaking views and enrich my inner self.
Throwback 2018, there were so many wonderful places that I have been to. For example, New York, twice. One was a refreshing treat for myself and the other was an invitation to a Cirque du Soleil premiere. Iceland, I remembered that I was soaking in the amazing Blue Lagoon and taking the boat trying to meet with divinely aurora. Vienna, a visit to a premium piano brand “Bosendorfer” factory. Taiwan, a great performance of mine was held there. And so many other places like Dublin and the Cliffs of Moher in West Ireland, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, Amsterdam...


I guess traveling on my own has become another expertise of mine. A scenario of my curiosity travels faster than my mind would be like: Open the Google map, and feel like going somewhere. Next up, with no special intention, the trip is booked! True story. By traveling alone, I can enjoy the fruity freedom, however, it is never an easy task. Instead of calling it “traveling”, I would rather regard it as a “training for life.”


With regards to my inner journey: After I turned 35, I found myself addicted to perfectionism. My self-discipline rendered me to take personal training lessons and control my diet consciously. In addition, in order to elevate my career, for the first time, I tried to be a businesswoman by recruiting a team, re-designing my blog, and started learning photography. Last but not least, I never stop composing music.


Deep down in my soul, there are cravings for elevation and changes, in order to respond the callings, I try my best to bring out all the gifted talents and make everything pitch perfect. However, since these changes require lots of energy, at times I forget to take a break from the great sense of achievements. Therefore, in this chilly autumn, my tiredness and all the accumulated tenses just completely broke out. In this case, I had no choice but to slow down my pace and thoughts. Sometimes I tidied up the house casually, and sometimes I would just be a couch potato or admire the peaceful scenery from my floor windows. After all of this, I learned how to listen carefully to the needs of the body, and avoid overloading my body and mind.


Late autumn is always the best season to slow down our paces and collect ourselves again. The chilly air will cool down all the burning desire, and the dark nights will clear up our miscellaneous thoughts.


It is time to slow down, face the callings of your body, and walk yourself through all the achievements of the year. In this late autumn, I truly wish everyone to find an inner-tranquility, just like refreshing yourself after a sweaty yoga.

深秋 |沈澱






回顧這一年,外在的旅程:紐約兩次(一次去散心、另一次受太陽劇團邀請,觀賞新戲首映)、冰島泡藍湖溫泉看極光、維也納參觀 Bosendorfer 鋼琴工廠、回台灣表演、都柏林與愛爾蘭西部莫赫斷崖、多倫多、渥太華、魁北克、阿姆斯特丹。一個人旅遊已成為我的另一項專長,常常打開地圖,突然有感覺想去哪,也不知道為什麼要去,但下一秒就訂機票了 😉 真的,靈魂總是跑得比大腦快!一個人旅遊是很自由,但可一點也不輕鬆,與其說它是旅遊,我會說它是種..人生的鍛鍊。






你是不是也該慢下來傾聽身體的需要?沈澱一年下來的累積呢?願深秋帶給你的,是做完瑜珈後的大休息 🙂


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