January 19, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Lecco, Bravo!






2016 summer. After my trip to Montreal Canada for the 10 years anniversary after graduating, I flew across Atlantic Ocean and went back to Italy. Stayed shortly in Pisa, I took a 4 hours train back to Milan. While revisiting the places that I used to go, I also planned some light trips.

After staying in the city for a while, I love to go to the countryside and spend some time with nature to balance myself. Lecco is a small town a bit northern than Milan. Under the strong sunshine, the lake had cleaned my soul. Sitting in front of the lake and looking at the beautiful scenery, I enjoy the peace within and wash away some unnecessary emotion. I feel so grateful to receive the love from the paramount creator. Thank you for creating the big cities for us to work and creating the countryside for us to rest!



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