January 19, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Lecco, Bravo!


2016 summer. After my trip to Montreal Canada for the 10 years anniversary after graduating, I flew across Atlantic Ocean and went back to Italy. Stayed shortly in Pisa, I took a 4 hours train back to Milan. While revisiting the places that I used to go, I also planned some light trips.

After staying in the city for a while, I love to go to the countryside and spend some time with nature to balance myself. Lecco is a small town a bit northern than Milan. Under the strong sunshine, the lake had cleaned my soul. Sitting in front of the lake and looking at the beautiful scenery, I enjoy the peace within and wash away some unnecessary emotion. I feel so grateful to receive the love from the paramount creator. Thank you for creating the big cities for us to work and creating the countryside for us to rest!

2016夏天,結束加拿大蒙特婁的畢業十年回顧之旅後,繼續飛越大西洋,進行一趟義大利回顧之旅。先短暫到比薩待了兩天,接著坐四個多小時的火車到回到米蘭。一邊回顧足跡曾踏遍的地方,一邊計畫由米蘭出發的輕旅行。在城市待久了,必會想到大自然走走。於是來到離米蘭不遠的北邊 “萊科湖”。炎陽下,湖水帶來靈魂的洗淨,呆呆地坐著,看在眼前這幅美景,享受心裡的一抹靜謐,放下該丟的一些情緒。感謝造物主的用心,讓我們有繁榮城市可以工作,也有鄉間湖畔可以放鬆!


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