June 27, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Let Go Of The Unnecessary Baggage To Live A Happy, Free Life

If you learn one thing from traveling, it's that you don't need much to find true happiness in life. Simplicity is powerful!

Through my experiences of traveling alone and living in various countries has taught me that we don’t need as much as we think to make us happy in life. The more pure your experience is, the more powerful your life actually becomes.

Things: I have learned to eliminate the unnecessary baggage and just keep the essential things I can carry all over the world. When you learn to use the least amount of things, you get an incredible outcome!


Emotions: Everything goes. Don’t bring any emotional baggage with you. When you go to a new country, you are a brand new self. When you start a new journey, you should empty your mind and be prepared to be refilled with new stories.


People: I only keep the good friends and helpful networks on my journey, and cut off unnecessary/superficial social or meaningless words.


Mindset: Don’t be judgemental. Be openminded and accept the beauty of the differences.

If you have the desire to live a more free, simpler and powerful life, try to escape your comfort zone that limits you. You will find soon enough that you don’t need as much social connections or any emotional baggage to tie you down.


The reason I love wearing white is because it symbolizes purity; it is effective and powerful. I also love one pieces because it is simple and easy to go with any color for your accessories. When what you wear is simple, everything else you wear as accessories will stand out.



♠ Outfit:

Dress: Desigual

Purse: Michael Kors

Earings: Banana Republic

Shoes: Vince Camuto


♣  Location: Carl Schurz Park, Upper East Side, NYC


Travel to create MUSIC

Travel with FASHION

Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA

Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY

Travel to Share the fantastic world with You


ƒ Related Music ƒ

Song: Carry On

Singer: Norah Jones

Description: Just carry on with what little you need to take your life to the next level!

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