July 28, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Let Your Inner Child Out To Play This Summer

Summer Is The Season To Let Your Inner Child Out To Play

How is your summer going so far? There’s no denying the summer heat, but it still is my favorite season of the year! Summer is the season to let your inner child out to play, and more importantly, be free with the outfits you wear! Summer let’s you not only dress differently, dress young, but also think differently, think young.


Wouldn’t you agree that our behavior changes as the climate changes? This is ony of my favorite summer outfits: a see-through, yet classy top with cut-off denim shorts. It’s a fun way to feel connected to the sun and expose yourself to some Vitamin D!


♠ Outfit:

Top: Mango

Bottom: Mango

High Heels: Nine West

Purse: Kate Spade


♣  Location: Upper East Side, NYC


Travel to create MUSIC

Travel with FASHION

Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA

Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY

Travel to Share the fantastic world with You


ƒ Related Music ƒ

Song: Summer Time

Singer: Norah Jones

Description: This Jazz standard has been played by so many people with so many different versions. The charming thing is that no matter how many different versions you have listened to it, you never forget the CORE feeling of this song, which is sexy/relaxing with infinite variations.

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