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March 22, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Amanda & Alloya: The Life-Saver for My Nails

Alloya is a life-saver which solved my troubles for many years!

I believe that many girls would likewise adore the gorgeous effects of gel nail, but our nails just couldn’t bear those trimming and grinding during the removal. I once had my manicure done in three consecutive months, as a result, my nails turned fragile and sensitive. Even my manicurist warned me that I should let my nails rest for a few months. Actually, after such incidence, I dare not to do any gel nail again, because health is always way more important than anything, right?

However, everything has changed once I knew the special brand: Alloya.
You only need a layer of primer, then coated with a layer of nail gel and put your fingers under the UV lamp. Each finger only takes about 30~60 seconds! Sleek and simple! And when removing the gel, one could easily peel it off with a finger.

If you want your gel nails to stay a little longer, just try not to apply the primer and put on the nail gel directly. When removing, use the exclusive removal sets from Alloya to remove them. Whichever you prefer would all be convenient and healthy, isn't it fabulous?

Alloya 解決了我多年來的困擾!


直到認識 Alloya 這個特別的品牌,只要上一層底膠,再上指甲膠,接著將手指放在小小的燈下照,每指只要 30 或 60秒,就能自己在家完成光療指甲!而且卸甲時只要輕輕一摳,即可剝除。若想要維持久一點,可以選擇不要上底膠,直接上指甲膠。卸甲時就用Alloya 專用的卸甲包,即可卸除。不管是哪個方式都很方便又健康不是嗎?


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