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January 15, 2020 By Amanda Wu

Lisbon, The Forever Honor for the Glorious Maritime History!

Portugal has become the " It " country for traveling! The capital city, Lisbon is full of the honor of maritime history. It is fun to look around and walk on the little lanes on the hills 🙂 Oh! Don't forget to get the Pastéis de Nata and listen to Fado music!

The Must Go coffee shop:  Café A Brasileira
The Treasure of Portugal: Fernando Pessoa
The Elevator from early 20th Century: Elevador de Santa Justa
The Must Visit: "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos" in Belem district
The City View from Chiado district
The View from Sheraton Hotel

- Recommendations -

Where to Go:

Café A Brasileira 巴西人咖啡

Belem Tower 貝倫塔

Padrão dos Descobrimentos 航海紀念碑

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos 熱羅尼莫斯修道院

Chiado district for some young vibe and night life “西亞多” 好玩夜生活區

Elevador de Santa Justa 聖胡斯塔升降梯

Lapa district to visit some gorgeous houses and embassies 充滿各國大使館與豪宅的拉帕區

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