April 18, 2019 By Amanda Wu

I Love the Shopping Platform from Germany: Mytheresa!


No more waiting


When it comes to buying fancy boutiques, I usually think about what to buy first, then I will hold back and buy them until I visit Europe, because I really don't like the feeling of buying the same goods at a higher price.

But since I met the German boutique e-commerce platform: Mytheresa, I didn’t have to fight with my inner struggles anymore. <3
There are more than 200 brands on Mytheresa! Any first-line boutiques that you can think of: GUCCI, PRADA, Miu Miu, YSL, Jimmy Choo, Burberry... (you name it!) Except for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Celine. However, B\basically, they almost have it all.

The prices are almost the same in Europe (not including VAT and shipping fee). When the item is delivered to your country, they will send a message to you and inform you to pay the tax (in my experience, 12%), then you can pay it online or let the DHL pay in advance, and then pay it once the item is delivered to you. (However, it still depends on the situation in each country.)

The most important point is: there are often promotions! The activities I have encountered include: limited time global free shipping, free shipping or discount of 200 euros when reaching an amount, discount area, the prices of non-discounted goods will sometimes be reduced too, and lastly the normal discount code 10% off. It is truly cheaper than buying in Taiwan or in North America!

When I bought the Valentino Garavani Lock Small leather shoulder bag recently, I just had 200 Euros off including free shipping and I saved for a total of 220 Euros! The DHL workflow is clearly rewarding and fast. Whether I am in Taiwan or North America, I usually receive the parcel three days later.

In addition to Valentino Garavani Lock Small leather shoulder bag, I also bought PRADA Printed canvas tote, Givenchy Scarf, and Valentino Garavani Rocketed slides.
Seriously, the prices make me feel like shopping in Europe!

All in all, I can only tell you that: With Mytheresa, there will be no more holdbacks and no more pondering. 😉 Come join me and wish you a pleasant shopping experience!







但自從認識了德國精品電商平台:Mytheresa 後,再也不用忍耐了 <3
Mytheresa 有超過200多個牌子!除了沒有 Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Celine,
其他你能想到的一線精品:GUCCI, PRADA, Miu Miu, YSL, Jimmy Choo, Burberry... (you name it!) 全部都有!

標價跟歐洲專櫃差不多 (不包含增值稅和運費),等物品送到你所在的國家時,會簡訊通知要付多少關稅(我的經驗是12 %), 可預先線上付稅或讓物流 DHL 代墊,等貨送到府時,再繳給DHL。(視每個國家情況不同而定)


最近買 Valentino Garavani Lock Small leather shoulder bag 時,剛好遇上滿額減免200歐元又免運,共省了220歐!DHL 作業流程清晰回報,而且速度很快。不論我在台灣或北美,通常都三天後就收到。

除了 Valentino Garavani Lock Small leather shoulder bag, 最近還陸續買了 PRADA Printed canvas tote, Givenchy Scarf, Valentino Garavani Rocketed slides.

只能說:Mytheresa 讓我不用再忍耐,免於朝思暮想 😉 你趕快也來體驗這美好的購物經驗吧!

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