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May 23, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Love Being a Slashie: Musician/Blogger

Since the release of my original EP album: The Journey on Earth Vol.2, "Stories of Time", I decided to put a pause on my musical work after I finished all the promotional concerts and media interviews in Asia, America, and Europe back in 2017. In this way, I successfully shifted my focus to my identity as a blogger in 2018.

Sincerely, the year of music suspension was very worthwhile. In the aspect of the growth of my blogger career, I have finished redesigning my blog. In fact, when it comes to things about beauty, I feel more comfortable to design them by myself so I could make sure they are pitch-perfect. In addition, I started to cooperate with many manufacturers. I opened a fashion online-store and started understanding the operation of the internet business. As a full-time blogger, I had to transform the original 100% art brain into a 50%-50% business-art brain due to the difference of the work nature. This kind of art/business combination is what I have been longing for, so my inner balance is now on a supreme status!

Doubled enthusiasm

In terms of music, there is a feeling of “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Because of the “absence”, I could then precipitate myself. With the precipitation, I therefore truly understand what music means to me—love. Music provides my soul with a sense of existence while presenting a sense of belonging for every performance and creation of mine. That is, I know music is indeed my true vocation and the meaning of life!

Carrying various cultural energies of each trip, remembering the construction of self-confidence, and fulfilling the balance of the inner self, I hereof announce my return to music. I will rekindle the curiosity of all kinds of new music. Followed by a new perspective, feeling, and perception, I am ready to greet my inborn talent! In this journey, I am grateful to have all of these splendid outcomes I experienced.


自2017年發行原創EP系列:地球旅程第二輯: “時間故事” ,在亞洲、美洲、歐洲進行宣傳音樂會及媒體訪問後。我決定 2018年先把音樂工作暫停,將主力移轉到部落格經營。

這暫停音樂的一年,非常的值得,在部落格成長方面,重新設計改版(我喜歡自己設計,覺得所有跟美有關的作品,都要自己創作)開始與許多廠商合作、開設時尚商店、搞懂網路事業的運作,當起全職部落客,因為工作性質的不同,所以把原本的 100 % 藝術腦,轉 50%為商業腦。這樣的藝術+商業組合,是我一直以來所盼望的,讓內在達到一種完美平衡!




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