December 23, 2018 By Amanda Wu

Make Birthday Wishes

May all our birthday wishes come true!

My birthday is only two days away from Christmas, so every year I can immerse in the joy of Christmas and the coming of the New Year. During this wonderful time, I will be energized with brand new energy and ready for the new beginning!

My old time habit is to examine my own growth and efforts during the year on my birthday. I would list all the progress I have made at work and the spiritual growth I have gained this year.

I thank myself for fulfilling every day, every moment and leave no regrets. After giving myself an approving smile, I would think of three birthday wishes and I sincerely wish them will all come true.

How do you spend your birthday?

This year I chose to come to Monaco, a small and wealthy country in the Mediterranean. There is no any special intention. Instead, I just want to see what kind of heartwarming surprise I will get in the paradise of the richness! That’s right! A "birthday surprise" is exactly what I want. 🙂

Every birthday we grow older. So... Are you afraid of getting old?

We all get old, and it is understandable that most people are afraid of getting old. However, my point of view may be very contradicting to others.

Perhaps I take the journey on Earth to some extent quite seriously. Every day I motivate myself, and every day I am experiencing different things. I never stop absorbing new knowledge and lifting myself!

Constantly refining myself inward and outward and tripping misconceptions and shackles are exactly what I adore. Step by step, with a fearless spirit, I have metamorphosed into the best version of myself. And of course, in order to be as perfect as possible, we would need the assistance of life experiences and time. Eventually, the “inner muscles” will get stronger and stronger. These precious “inner gyms experiences” are the outcomes of the fleeting time!

All in all, just be grateful for all your encounters and appreciate all the efforts you made along the way. On this very special day, make sincere wishes with positive vibes, and be sure to deeply believe that all the birthday wishes will COME TRUE! 


願生日願望 都能實現




今年我選擇來到地中海的富豪小國摩納哥。沒有特定的目的,只是想看看在富人的天堂裡,我會得到什麼驚喜!對,我想要就是一個 “生日驚喜” 🙂

生日過了等於長了一歲。而... 你怕老嗎??

這些珍貴的 “內在健身房” 體驗,正是歲月流逝所沈澱下來的養分、是一種靈魂的進化!


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