June 24, 2018 By Amanda Wu

Make Discomfort Zone Comfortable

From Discomfort to Comfort

These days, we often hear that we should leave our Comfort Zone . Yes, because that is the only way we can really grow strong and train our inner muscles. Then, what is next? According to my own experiences, (You know I am a kind of person who ALWAYS, or you can say "Obsessive Unconsciously" leave my comfort zone.) every time when I leave the comfort zone and conquer the uncomfortable feeling, I EXPAND my comfort zone = I get a bigger and bigger comfort zone. Your true power happens when you make your discomfort zone comfortable = the discomfortable feeling no longer exists!! Here you go, you feel much more comfortable in a lot more situations. You grow strong and you become fearless because less and less things can make you feel discomfortable. Isn't that AMAZING !?


Much Love & Courage & Curiosity & Creativity ♥



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