August 25, 2017 By Amanda Wu

A Medieval Fantasy Adventure Through Prague

Prague, the magical, medieval city full of history and new adventures on every corner!

Once I had finally seen all of Dresden, Germany, I hopped on a bus headed to Prague. I should have known my destination would be magnificent, because even the bus ride across the border was amazing. In a matter of miles, the culture, the languages, and the mentality all changed. Wow…

Prague is beautiful and a destination I plan to visit often during my lifetime. The moment I stepped foot onto this lovely land, it felt as if I walked into a Medieval fairy tale. I love the freedom of traveling alone, but Prague was just too romantic to be alone.

I was fortunate enough to stay in the city center, Mala Strana, an old area from the 12th century with the famous Charles Bridge just steps away. This area has surprises on every corner. With tourists attractions everywhere, each sight tells a magnificent story. I observed the Charles Bridge, Vltava River, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and eventually climbed my way up to Letna Park to shoot the extremely beautiful photos of the three main city bridges.

I even had the luxury of visiting the outdoor concert in the plaza of Prague Castle. For the first time ever, I experienced a mix of jazz band and orchestra as playing before me was the Lincoln Center Big Band with Czech Philharmonic orchestra! They played Wynton Marsalis’ compositions and it was unbelievably fantastic!I even managed to find an adorable, nearby jazz club, Ungelt! I’ll dream of the day to perform there soon.

Immersing myself in the Czech culture was like living in a fantasy, accompanied by delicious cuisine. I never imagined food to be so tasteful! From grilled snails, to pork knees, to cakes with salty sauce, Prague food exceeded my expectations!


< Incredibly charming, Vltava River !!! >

< The lovely boat trip >

< The extreme view from Letna Park >

< Vintage Cars on the street of the apt I stayed (Mostecka, Mala Strana) >

<The Building where I stayed on Mostecka, Mala Strana. 20 seconds away (by walk) from Charles Bridge!>

<Karel Zeman Museum for special film effects >

< The Central Street, Mostecka. Luckily, I stayed on this street. Very easy to go everywhere! >

< Gorgeous St. Vitus Cathedral inside of Prague Castle >

<Outdoor Concert in the plaza of Prague Castle. It was Jazz at Lincoln Center Big Band with Czech Philharmonic Orchestra!! >

< Some Streets in Old Town Square area >

<The organ that was played by Mozart in the Mirror Chapel>

< I would love to play here someday soon!!! >

< Seriously, I love traditional Czech cuisine!! They are just so surprisingly smooth and tasty! >


Travel to create MUSIC

Travel with FASHION

Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA

Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY

Travel to Share the fantastic world with You


ƒ Related Music ƒ

Piece: Ma Vlast: Vltava

Composer: Bedrich Smetana

Description: Smetana is one of the most important composer of Czech Republic. His famous masterpiece: Ma Vlast (My fatherland) releaved his deep love to his country. Vltava is especially famous. After visiting Vltava River, I completely understand the artistic prospect that he wanted to convey. It is sweet, profound, gorgeous, and just can’t stop loving it!  

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