June 24, 2016

Milano Fantastico: Duomo di Milano 絕美:米蘭大教堂

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It was June 2014 when I first came to visit Milan. As soon as I saw the Cathedral and the area around, I felt in love with the city right away! It felt like somewhere between unreal and bubbly...


米蘭大教堂(Duomo Di Milano)位於市中心,是米蘭的重要地標、觀光景點、更是地球劇院精雕細琢的絕美佈景!共花了五個多世紀才建造完成,始於1386年,於1960年正式完工。極致繁複華美,根本就是活生生的奇蹟!融合了哥德式與巴洛克式的兩種風格,上半部尖塔是哥德式風格的特色,頂端有座鍍上黃金的聖母瑪莉亞雕像。教堂外觀,以白色和粉紅色為基調,特殊的配色,在神聖不可侵犯中,帶了點清新脫俗的柔和!


Cathedral of Milan is located in downtown. It is not just the landmark and important tourist attractions. It is Definitely the delicate setting of the "Theater of Earth"! It spent 5 centuries to finish from 1386 to 1960. It is a real miracle! The extremely spectacular structure! The style is the combination of Gothic and Baroque. The top part is gothic style with the gold-plated statues of Santa Maria. The exterior is based on white and pink color. This special combination of colors softens the sacred inviolability.


要登上教堂頂端,有兩種方式,可以坐電梯也可以步行。拍攝當天,我們原本買了電梯的票,售票員卻搞錯了,給了我們步行的票。我們懶得重新排隊換票,於是我穿著7公分高的細根短靴,一階一階爬上去!到底有幾層樓、有幾階?? 已經不重要。靠著意志力撐著,只想要趕...快...到...達!其實腳已痠到一種說不出話來的境界,意志力已越來越薄弱...但ㄧ到達頂端,天哪!那種居高臨下的超越感,加上每一根尖塔就在我身旁,與每個聖人的雕像都那麼接近的奇妙感覺,完全忘了疼痛。頂上,是一個不可言喻的世界!馬上擺好姿勢,用氛圍給我的感覺,自然的與環境互動。我特別喜歡這一組照片,因為傳達了建築美學、時尚穿搭與靈性。


There are 2 ways to get to the top of the Cathedral. You can either take the elevator or by foot. The photographer and I bought the tickets for elevators, but the salesman gave us the wrong ones. We did not want to waste of our time to go in line again, so I decided climbed it with 7 cm height boots! Step by step...step by step....They were the longest stairs ever, seriously! It really did not matter how many steps/floors, and the only thing I could do to maintain the energy was by using the willpower!!! At some point, my legs were so sore that I couldn't even talk at all! However, as soon as we arrived on the top, OMG! Being surrounded by spires and all the saints, the pain vanished immediately! It was an incredibly wonderful world on the Top! Making poses, I interacted with the surroundings intuitively. I particularly love this shooting because it expresses the esthetics of the architecture, fashion outfit and spirituality all.
在五百多年建造過程中所經歷的風風雨雨,我想,這就闡明了 不論沿途遇上多少困難,都要憑著信心堅持下去的精神!最終,會有令人驚豔的感動!
After conquering all the obstacles and difficulties within 500 years constructing, I think It tells us that No Matter How Much obstacles in front of you, You really have to insist where you want to go! Eventually, You will create something Stunning!


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Top and Skirt: GUESS
Purse: Furla
Boots: GUESS

Photo by: Dovilè Martinaitytè

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