August 19, 2016

[Jazz Music] Invitation

Invitation is one of my favorite Jazz Standard. I find it's pretty ...sexy!
I have played it many many times, and also recorded it in my debut Jazz album "Jazz Without Time Zones". However, I never got tired of playing it. There is always something amazing coming out!Like this time, all the sudden, I improvised by my left hand 🙂

Invitation 是我很愛的一首爵士標準曲。我覺得這首歌有種...性感的感覺!
即便是我已彈過好多次,也收錄在我的第一張爵士演奏專輯 “爵士零時差” ,但我從沒厭倦過演奏它,因為每次總是會有驚奇的音樂想法產生!譬如這一次,就突然想來一段用左手即興的片段 🙂

♠ Outfit ♠
♠ Top: iRoo
♠ Skirt: Promod (France)
Special Thanks to STEINWAY & SONS
Photo by: 黃仁益

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