May 25, 2017 By Amanda Wu

My Love For Italian Cuisine, Part 1

Nothing brings people closer together than good food, and Italy is home to some of the greatest!

I am obsessed with all things Italian! From the spectacular fashion design to the magical architecture, Italy is home to some of the greatest features the world has to offer. But if there’s one thing I love most about Italy, it’s the food!

In Italy, you can find both traditional cuisine and cuisine with a modern twist. This article is a peek into my love affair with both  styles of Italian food.

When I studied Italian in Milan, I lived in an area called Navigil. Nearby was an elegant restaurant called Belle Donne that served creative, modern Italian food. This local gem delivered a well-cut prosciutto, healthy greens, and an eclectic presentation of chicken.

Aside from the array of creative food options Italy has to offer, you can never go wrong with a traditional bowl of classic spaghetti bolognese, and in Italy, bolognese cuisine is everywhere! The taste is spectacular and you’ll never be disappointed ordering this traditional dish!

Another local restaurant was God Save The Food, a classic restaurant and cocktail bar that attracted both locals and tourists. I came here for breakfast to enjoy one of the areas finest cornetto and cappuccino.

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