March 25, 2019 By Amanda Wu

The New Stage

Transforming the life experiences of the world-traveling into inspirational elements of the work


My extreme curiosity started at a very young age of mine. Wherever or whatever there is a new place or stuff, I just got to try and experience myself.
In early 2012, a sudden thought came to me out of nowhere---Moving to New York---and I DID! With not much money and without any specific reason, I literally moved there by the end of 2012. I didn’t even know why I should make such a decision like this, perhaps, I was just answering the inner callings from my soul. As my life after moving to New York? Wonderful! There is too much to talk about so I will describe them in another series.

In 2014, I considered that basically, I had collected pretty much about New York, so I applied for a language school in Milan. With the admission and the scholarships, my life in Europe successfully began. Most importantly, thanks to the convenient European railway, my horizon was massively broadened up by the end of 2015, because I was able to explore other cities instead of staying in Milan every day.

Traveling alone


And that was the case, my solo traveling made my “physical” and “mental” world unlimited. I often checked the map and pinned a place, then I was there. After gaining all of these splendid experiences in life, I started to realize that everything just happened so naturally and it was totally not difficult or dangerous as I originally pictured.

Since the end of 2015, I have visited so many beautiful places: Rome, Venice, Turin, Florence, Parma, Lake Como, Paris, Pisa, Lake Lecco, Cremona, London (for two months), Oxford, Stone Henge, Bath, Windsor Castle, Edinburgh, and back to New York three times. And also Los Angeles, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Prague, Budapest, Rome again to perform my album, Siena, Luca, Montréal, San Francisco, Reykjavik, Vienna (twice), Dublin, Amsterdam, Nice, Monaco, and the second and third time in Paris.

There are deeper meanings in solo traveling. It was like “Life training courses” over and over again rather than just sightseeing tours. After visiting countless aesthetic and gorgeous places like palaces, churches and museums, these exquisite, elegant and unique works just omni-directionally fulfilled my cravings, thirst, and passion for art. Those spiritual and divinely masterpieces could always find a way to pound my soul. Nevertheless, the touches and vibrations also significantly imprinted in my body, so that I could utilize them and blend those strong emotions into my musical creations.

I also found and believed that…external traveling would always meet the needs of inner traveling.


A few years ago, what prompted me to advance was the enthusiasm for exploring the world and discovering more possibilities. Fortunately, I used the way to break through and escalate myself. However, as my mind, vision, and thinking patterns continue to expand, I have become an updated and better version of myself.

Started from this year, with all the harvest, I found an inner voice guiding me and I knew that it was time to settle everything down and put my past experience into the work, regardless gained from solo-traveling or those newly-acquired abilities, and continue to generate more creations, firmly and steadily embrace the next level of self-realization!






2012年初,“ 搬去紐約” 一個突如其來的念頭,這完全是個天外飛來一筆的想法,我都搞不清楚為什麼,應該是靈魂想要經歷吧! 而我也真的在 2012 年底搬去了紐約。沒準備很多錢,不知道去了要做什麼,反正去了再說。關於紐約的生活,實在太精彩了,我得另外寫一篇。2014年,覺得在紐約的經驗搜集的差不多了,進而想體驗歐洲,順利申請到語文學校獎學金而搬去米蘭。2015 年底,原本只是覺得在每天待在米蘭無聊,既然歐洲鐵路超方便,那週末不如就到別的城市走走。






一個人旅行並不只是表面的觀光旅遊,其實有著更深層的含義,是一次又一次的 “人生訓練營”。



我發現也深信... 外在旅行,永遠因應內在旅行的需要




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