Taichung, Home Town Series 1: Yide Mansion 一德洋樓


Sometimes the greatest experiences are the ones you are most familiar with...

I have traveled far and wide and added many great stories to my life, and now I found myself where it all began, my hometown of Taichung, Taiwan. When I meet people for the first time, they assume I am either North American or European. It’s what my spirit portrays. However, it was actually Taiwan that was the foundation of where the free spirited in me developed. Taichung City is the third biggest city in Taiwan, and although not big enough to tie me down forever, big enough to embrace me for my return. Read More »

VIDEO: “How To Live” Performance at Salotto Palatino in Rome, Italy

How you live your life each day reflects the true character of your spirit.

Rome is an enchanting city, filled with so much culture, history and style. It was the perfect setting to perform this magnificent original composition, "How To Live," from the latest EP "The Journey On Earth, Vol. 2: Stories of Time. Accompanied by two incredible musicians, Dario Piccioni and Nicolò di Caro, this pop song is added with some Japanese pop flavor to perfectly mixes with Jazzy feel. Hope you enjoy this song! Read More »

VIDEO: “Does Tradition Exist in the 21st Century” At RockWood Music Hall In New York City

As beautiful as tradition is, is it holding us back from breaking free into our creative world?


I performed “Does Tradition Exist in the 21st Century to wrap up my New York performance at Rockwood Music Hall. I wrote this piece in 2005 when I started recognizing how technology started influencing the way people lived. What fascinated me was the discrepancy between the modern and traditional way of thinking, and what important values continued on in our progressing culture and what values remained in the past. Read More »

VIDEO: “The Chaos of The Snow” At RockWood Music Hall In New York City

Finding stimulation in the chaos that surrounds my life in order to reach my highest goal and true destination.

"The Chaos of the Snow" is an original piece I wrote when I was attending McGill University. Like most college students, I was eager to become who I wanted to be. Nothing seemed for liberating than living on my own and conquering the world as a brand new, educated woman. But the duties of college were keeping me from the real world. So, as the determined woman that I am, I decided to double my workload and finish college in 2 years, as oppose to the traditional 4-year timeline. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed in the midst of the hectic weather and stresses of school. Read More »

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