An Enchanting Musical Experience in Leipzig, Germany


Sometimes trusting your intuition can lead you to some unexpected magical places...


After three months working in New York City, I decided to take a much-needed European vacation this summer. My first stop in Europe was Berlin, Germany. As excited as I was to be finally be overseas, I unfortunately didn’t find the success I was looking for in Berlin. As amazing as the city was, I didn’t connect with Berlin as I hoped. Perhaps it was my jet lag or adjusting the a new location that may have deterred my experience, but after 5 days in the eclectic city, I decided to make my next move in search of what I was looking for. Something told me I would find that in Leipzig, Germany. Read More »

Let Your Inner Child Out To Play This Summer

Summer Is The Season To Let Your Inner Child Out To Play

How is your summer going so far? There’s no denying the summer heat, but it still is my favorite season of the year! Summer is the season to let your inner child out to play, and more importantly, be free with the outfits you wear! Summer let’s you not only dress differently, dress young, but also think differently, think young. Read More »

Honored To Be Featured On The Front Cover Of Sino Monthly, July 2017

Strive for greatness and share your story along the way... You never know who you might inspire!

This year is nearly half done and it has already brought me so many great opportunities, including this one! I am so honored to not only have been interview by Sino Monthly, but to be featured on their front cover of their July 2017 issue!

To the Editor who put so much energy and work into this amazing article, for really searching for all the details about me and integrating them so well, I appreciate you so much! I am touched by your efforts and sincere work!

Here you go! Enjoy the complete featured article!


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