October 3, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Performing on the Main Stage: Jazz Talk from Montreal, feat. Amanda Wu

I am thrilled to be invited to play at the Taichung Jazz Festival this Friday, October 13th, with my fellow Canadian musician friends, Jazz Talk from Montreal! The Taichung Jazz Festival has been a prominent festival in my hometown for the past eight years. Not only has being in my hometown been a great experience for me at this point in my career, the ability to bring all that I have learned from my previous education in Canada to my hometown is rewarding! It feels like I am able to convey my musical growth from the western country back to where it all began, my home.


I will be performing with excellent Canadian musicians that I graduated with at McGill University, where I studied Jazz. Although we have never played all together before, our recent rehearsal in Montreal went so well. There was no denying the musical communication and chemistry that we possessed as friends. The songs are extremely intricate and diverse, i.e. standard jazz, contemporary Canadian jazz, my compositions, my arrangement of pop songs, modern jazz by jazz legends, etc, but I’m confident we are going to have an amazing show together.


Please join us at the 2017 Taichung Jazz Festival this Friday, October 13th, from 20:30~21:30 at  市民廣場 Main Stage! We’d love to have you there!


Piano/Vocal: Me

Guitar: Jordan Peters

Bass: Nicolas Bedard

Drums: Kevin Warren


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