June 20, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Plan Your Goals And Watch Your Life Unfold As You Wish

Life is like a river, slowly going somewhere. Life moves forward all the time; we are never stuck anywhere.

Just how other companies have their annual goals, I have my goals too! When I first moved to New York, I made the goal of promoting my new EP, The Journey on Earth, Vol. 2, “Stories of Time,” and develop my blog. Life in the big city is all about working hard, meeting new people, and networking with the right groups, which is why I fit in so well. I love being an artist, businesswoman, and entrepreneur.

In addition to making plans to move to New York, I made sure to add a Europe trip in my schedule. After three months of hard work, I am finally going to spend the summer in Europe, where I’ll be performing my World Tour. However, before I head to Europe, I took a stroll through Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side to reflect on all that I’ve accomplished in the past three months and how many incredible stories I’ve lived thus far. In a sense, I “review traced” my life in New York City.

Carl Schurz Park is the perfect location for a life reflection. It’s very big, less commercialized, like a secret garden of the Upper East Side. Looking at the amazing view of the long river calms me and brings me a sense of content. Life is like a river, slowly going somewhere. Life moves forward all the time; we are never stuck anywhere.


There’s no denying the warm weather in NYC. I can’t wait to get rid of long jeans and throw on those shorts. Because it’s always a little windy in NYC, even in the summer, I like to throw on a scarf, that important, light accessory that’s perfect for NYC weather.


You should also take some time review and re-asses your life!



♠ Outfit:

Scarf: Desigual

Tee: Desigual

Shorts: Mango



♣  Location: Carl Schurz Park, Upper East Side, NYC


Travel to create MUSIC

Travel with FASHION

Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA

Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY

Travel to Share the fantastic world with You


ƒ Related Music ƒ

Song: Englishman In New York

Singer: Sting

Description: I LOVE this song SO MUCH!!! It just catches me completely!! Other than the really nice Jazzy arrangement and his fantastic vocals, I feel the magic vibration because I am in the same status in NY, A Taiwanese girl in NY,  A legal Alien 🙂 As the lyrics in the end, I really just want to be myself, no matter what they say!!

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