July 7, 2017 By Amanda Wu

Remembering Wonderful Life Highlights Through An Interview With World Journal

Being well-rounded allows you embrace any opportunity with open arms!

Today, I am feeling so grateful for this recent interview I had with World Journal. A reporter visited me at my office on Wall Street and we had such an incredible conversation!

In the interview, I briefly talked about the main points of my TED Talk in 2011 when I was only 28 years old. These were the messages I highlighted.

1.Find your own theme of your life and connect to them.

2. Inner voice is the best guide. Follow your inner voice, true to yourself.

3. Everything is experience, However, Everything goes.

4. Collect the experiences you want and reach the ultimate goal, Self-realization!

This is my world observation. I enjoy being well-rounded, not simply having one style of music genre as a musician. There is so much potential to explore, and in order to reach my highest goal of humanity and self-realization, I must aspire them all.

I strive to be a pioneer, not a follower, always looking for new opportunities and integrating them into life. If you find yourself struggling to fit in with the usual, conventional path of life, congratulations! You, too, are a pioneer!

You can totally create your own unique journey by using the resources you have all around you!

To read the full interview, click here!


Travel to create MUSIC

Travel with FASHION

Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA

Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY

Travel to Share the fantastic world with You


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Description: While living on earth, we all live in the timeframe. Time has been telling us so many stories because you, everyone and all human beings, are continuously creating lots of stories! If you listen to them carefully, you will realize that, in fact, timing is everything!

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