April 18, 2017 By Amanda Wu

The Royal Fantasy, London

The Fantasy, The Fascinating Royal Stories, The Golden Outfit

The most different thing between the biggest 2 metropolitans in the west "London and NY" is the Royal Palace!
Even if there are lots of similarities between London and NY, the heritage from the royal family which established the kingdom for thousands of years is impossible to be replaced! I love its profound history and mysterious fantasy about royal life and members.

Shooting in front of Buckingham Palace is a must when traveling to London. I chose this golden outfit to match the glorious palace. The top and skirt are from the English brand OASIS . There are some elegant lines and casual lines in this brand. What I love about this is... it is absolutely stunning with affordable prince.

The golden-floral pattern of the skirt is just gorgeous! I was always a "short skirt" type of girl. But after wearing this length of skirt, I found a brand new look for myself! Not sure if it is because of the increase of the age, I found this length of long skirt is actually the perfect fit! I would highly recommend to women in their thirties to give it a try! You will see yourself reflect in the different level. The Top is simple but as you can see, there is a circle of glitters which make necklace-like pattern. (Don't need to think about which accessories to match!)
I understand traveling is tiring, so you just want to get comfortable. However, traveling doesn't need to be always sporty or casual. Try traveling with fashion, Try matching your outfit with the scenery, I am sure you will feel more energetic and even more excited about all the details around you! It feels amazed that you have actually become a part of the scene!


♠ Outfit
Top: Oasis
Skirt: Oasis
High Heel: REISS
Travel to create MUSIC.
Travel with FASHION.
Travel for more CREATIVE IDEA.
Travel to fulfill the external & internal JOURNEY.
Travel to Share the fantastic world with You.

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Singer: Birdy + Rhodes
Song:Let It All Go
Traveling (especially alone) is to train our inner muscles! We need to be strong enough to let some emotional baggage go!

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