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August 6, 2019 By Amanda Wu

Singapore Revisit

Speaking of Singapore, those glorious memories of my childhood did ring a bell! Once again, I finally had another chance to visit the titan of Asia. This time, I accompanied my brother-cousin, who was just like my son, to visit this wonderful place!

Most of the time I travel alone, so of course, it is time to travel with family or friends and get a sweet balance! The seven-day trip to Singapore is an exploration of the world for my young cousin who just turned 18.

We stayed at the most popular hotel - Marina Bay Sands for six nights. While entering the room, the balcony curtains opened automatically. What’s more, when you went closer to take a look from the balcony... WOW, it was splendid! We could immediately see the Supertree, Cloud Forest, the whole garden and the bay, let alone the night scene had completely blown us away!

The hotel was connected to the huge Shopping Mall, which had a lot of restaurants (almost every one of them were Michelin grades) and a super casino. It was just like a complex entertainment center! The most special attraction was, without a doubt, the infinity swimming pool on the 57th floor of the hotel. Soaking in the pool, watching the high-rise buildings in Singapore, and looking at the man-made but exquisite Marina Bay, my shock and excitement were beyond description. It was so unique that everyone should come and visit once in their lifetimes. We went to the swimming pool four times in total: In the morning, afternoon, at dusk, and at different times of the night to see miscellaneous scenery. In addition, every night we went to the spa to wash away the fatigue of the day.

The seven-day trip was full of fun. We didn't want to hurry but enjoying each attraction. We went to “the Science and Art Center” which was next to the hotel and its appearance was just like the shape of a grapefruit. Then we took photos along the bridge and walked to the opposite Merlion Park. We even took the Big Bus—Hop On Hop Off Bus, to learn about the city and to decide where to visit.

We went to Chinatown (Kreta Ayer), Sultan Mosque, and strolled through the small Arab district. Singapore was extremely hot in January. Looking at the women wearing headscarves, I genuinely admired them for their spirit of maintaining tradition and not being afraid of sultry! Also, we had spent a whole day playing at Universal Studios. The charm of the studio completely aroused our childlike innocence! Once entered the place, we were like crazy and wanted to try everything despite it took us lots of time queuing since our goal was to thoroughly experience Singapore!

There were other sights we went and enjoyed like the Sentosa Haisheng Museum, Supertree, Silver Garden, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh (The herbal pork ribs soup) in Clarke Quay, Hainanese chicken rice of Boon Tong Kee restaurant, Orchard Road shopping street, and several Michelin star restaurants in Marina Bay Shopping Center. I also bought something at the famous shoe brand “Charles and Keith” and visited Louis Vuitton at Marina Bay, which was bigger than a flagship store.

One day, I encouraged my cousin brother to explore the city alone. He took the subway to the market to try Laksa and grabbed the bus to the National University of Singapore, which was on the other side of the city. I did this on purpose because he could then cultivate a sense of independence and the capability to travel around the world.

The best part of traveling with family was to feel the city and form precious memories at the same time. My cousin was probably influenced by my straightforward personality like "speak out as you think or feel". He kept sharing with me the feelings of every treasured moment, and our conversations seemed impossible to cease! Viewing at the special exotic landscape and having accompanied by a loved one, I could proudly announce that this was true happiness!


多數時間我都一個人旅行,有時當然要跟家人或朋友一起,調和一下旅行的模式! 這趟七天六夜的新加坡之旅,就是帶表弟探索世界。


酒店連著巨大 Shopping Mall, Mall 裡有超多餐廳(幾乎都是米其林等級)還有超大賭場,完全就是複合式娛樂中心!最特別的當然是飯店57樓的無邊際游泳池,邊泡在水池,邊看著新加坡的高樓林立,以及雖是人造,卻富麗精緻的濱海灣,那種震撼與雀躍,真的很特別,真的要自己親身體會!我們總共去了游泳池四次,早晨、下午、黃昏、夜晚不同時段,就是要感受不同的景色。而每天晚上我們都去泡 Spa 洗淨一天的疲憊。

七天的行程豐富愜意,不想趕時間,想好好欣賞每個景點。我們去了飯店旁像顆柚子的科學藝術中心,再沿著橋,邊走邊拍照,散步到對面的魚尾獅公園,搭 Big Bus Hop On Hop Off Bus,了解城市的輪廓,再到有興趣的地方,細部參觀。

我們去了中國城(牛車水)、蘇丹清真寺,逛完小阿拉伯區,一月的新加坡是熱到不行,看著包著頭巾的婦女,真的深深讚嘆他們為了保持傳統而不畏悶熱的精神!之後花了一整天在環球影城玩樂,影城的魅力就是會完全激起童心!看到什麼都想玩,就算排隊排很久,也無所謂,既然來了就要體驗得徹底!其他時間我們還去了聖淘沙海生館、超級樹和 Silver Garden 、克拉碼頭吃松發肉骨茶、文東記吃海南雞飯、烏節路購物街、吃了好多家濱海灣購物中心裡的米其林餐廳,也買了當地超紅鞋子品牌 Charles and Keith、當然還去就位於濱海灣上,比旗艦店還大的 Louise Vuitton 逛逛。有天我讓弟弟自己探索,搭地鐵去市集吃叻沙,再搭公車到城市另一端的新加坡國立大學參觀,讓他有成年人的獨立時間,培養他以後也可以一個人遊走世界的能力!

跟家人旅行,就是邊感受城市氣息、邊創造珍貴的共享回憶。弟弟可能被我這種 “想到什麼說什麼”、“感覺到什麼說什麼” 的直來直往又超愛表達的個性影響,他也不斷跟我分享時時刻刻的感受,姊弟倆永遠有聊不完的話題!眼前看著的,是特別的異國風光,身邊陪伴著的,是深刻的手足之情。這,就是極大的幸福!

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